Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

This is the first review i've done where things haven't done what have been promised. I heard great reviews from other blogs about this, and Sally Hansen has always been so reliable when it comes to nail care and repair. I originally bought this because I am constantly wary of smudging freshly polished nails even after a few hours. You can paint them so carefully and they look as though they were done professionally, but as soon as you come into contact with anything else they are ruined.

You apply the Insta-Dri as a topcoat on top of touch-dry polished nails, and within 60 seconds your nails are dry. This aspect of the product is true, and it is because of this that I will continue to use it. What it does not deliver is the 'Anti-Chip' aspect. Within a day and a half I had already had chips in two of my nails. It may seem that i'm expecting a lot, but when something claims to be 'Anti-Chip' you expect it to last for more than a day? They've lasted a little bit longer than other top coat, I just wouldn't expect too much from it.

However, the Insta-Dri factor is enough to keep me reasonably happy :) I purchased it for £6, and for someone that doesn't want to use aerosol drying sprays for environmental reasons I think this is quite reasonable. Plus I love the colour of the bottle, and it's really easy to spot in my nail polish box!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat can be purchased for £6.15 at Boots or Superdrug.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!
Hope everyone had an amazing day :) I've been shuffling between my mum and dads for the past few days so I haven't had a computer. But can't wait to show you all my amazing prezzies and hopefully put up some more reviews, one of my new year resolutions is to make this blog as amazing as possible :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Organising Your Nail Polish

After adding five new polishes to my collection (I am in the process of reviewing, honest!) I came to the conclusion that it was taking me too long to pick a colour because it's impossible to tell which one is which by just looking at the lids whilst they're in the box. So I decided to try something really quick and easy to organise my polishes better.

I cut paper up into small squares (Lined paper was easier because I don't have a good eye for straight edges!) and put a small dot of polish onto it, and left it to dry. After a few hours, I went back and sellotaped it onto the top of the bottle. It really doesn't take long to do, but obviously it is quite fiddly if you're a bit clumsy like me! But now, I can easily find my perfect nail polish by simply looking at the dots on the tops of the bottles. Nice and simple :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Thanks :)

Just hit over 1,000 views on my blog :) So happy, thanks to everyone whose checking out the posts! Now I just need a few more of you to comment and subscribe and i'll be extra happy!

Happy holidays! xo

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Review: Tangle Teezer!

Not a day goes by where we all wish we had someone elses hair. For me, I wish my hair had more volume and did not just hang lankly against my head. The problem with having thin hair is that the simplest brush or smallest knot can cause my hair to fall out. It's not that I don't look after it because I really do, but sometimes when I get up out of bed in the morning it looks as if i've malted onto my pillow.

Even though some of it is unavoidable, I thought i'd give Shaun P's 'Tangle Teezer' a try, to see if it stops my hair falling out while trying to de-tangle it after a shower or when I got up in the morning. There is absolutely no way you won't be able to spot this product on the shelf, as they come in colours such as luminous pink, orange or purple.

Photograph from

As you can see, the brush is quite an odd shape. It curves in at the sides so it can fit easily in the palm of your hand, and the teeth are so soft and bend easily. The product comes in a box with instructions and tips on how to minimise damage to your hair due to brushing, and how to look after the teezer. It also advertises the new compact version of the brush, which folds in half and has a protector so the teeth can't get damaged in the bag. So here's how it looked when I used it.


So here is my ugly mane after just getting out of the shower. Please ignore my red face, this has been taken with my webcam in horrible lighting! As you can see my hair is a complete mess, and full of knots.
I followed the instructions in the booklet and as I had long hair it was recommended that I tip my head upside down and firmly pull the teezer through the hair. I was hesitant at first because I thought my hair would just rip out, but the teeth were really soft (It sort of felt like I was getting a massage!) and I felt the knots leave my hair without feeling any of it falling out.


This is after a minute of brushing. It was crazy how soft and sleek my hair felt! I let it dry naturally after this picture was taken, and my hair just felt amazing and I could run my fingers through it so easily. It was also really shiny, which is what the box advertises. All in all, a must-have and even though it's a bit pricey at £10.50 (Boots), it is completely worth it. I'm contemplating buying the compact one for £10.99 so I can always have one with me, this one is a bit too bulky to fit in my handbag?!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Cath Kidston Purse + Free Delivery!


Isn't this the most gorgeous purse you've ever seen?! Because I couldn't wait until Christmas day to open my present from my boyfriend Jason, he let me have it as soon as it arrived at my house :) As you can see the wrapping it came in was absolutely gorgeous, so much so that I can't bring myself to throw it away!

It's made from 100% oilcloth which makes it easy to wipe clean and won't get lots of marks on it from being at the bottom of my bag like the rest of my purses. The design is so sweet, with lots of little birds and flowers all over it. I absolutely love carrying it around with me, which I suppose isn't the safest thing to do!

Inside it has space for 6 cards (Which unfortunately is not enough for me, so I have to double up!) with two big compartments either side for notes or extra cards, and a zip pocket it in the middle for coins. It's spacious enough to fit my iPhone in aswell, which is great as I can have everything I need in one place! The only negative point I have to this is that the inside coin pocket zip obviously moves around so sometimes I have to move it so it doesn't stop the purse from closing.

Although £25 may seem a bit steep for a purse, I think it's worth it just because it's so adorable and practical. I know i'll use it for a long time, and it's square structure is sturdy and gives me plenty of space. I hate purses that are so small that you have to fold notes in half and you cant' find anything! This was originally bought with the limited offer of 30% off all orders so it was actually £26 (The 30% off came off the delivery charge!), but at the moment if you spent over £30 online you get free delivery. Sorted!

Thank you Jason :) xo

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's my birthday today :D

Just getting ready for a 3 hour assessment at uni, then i'm home for two days to enjoy TGI's and Peter Pan at The Mayflower theatre. Oh, and lots of presents means lots of reviews, so everybody wins :)


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Review: OPI's Muppet Collection - Rainbow Connection

The one thing i've been the happiest about by living in Bournemouth is the fact that there's a Sally's just round the corner, with a revolving stand that's taller than me filled with OPI nail polishes. If no one knows about OPI, it's a brand of nail polish that sells to various salons worldwide. It's internationally known, with celebrities such as the Kardashians, Katy Perry and even Justin Bieber (?!?!) releasing limited edition collections.

I was flicking through my October issue of Glamour when I saw that OPI were releasing a limited edition collection of nail polishes inspired by the Muppet Movie. And instantly I was attracted to the brightest, most 'out-there' polish - rainbow glitter. Typical me.
So here's what it looks like on:

As you can see, my nail painting skills aren't perfect, but to be honest i blame the polish. Because it's flecks of glitter and other bits and bobs it's quite difficult to get an even coverage like you would with block colour polish. But to be honest, I don't care - it looks amazing!
It's my 20th birthday next week and i'm having a 90's party - this will look amazing with my union jack dress (Can you guess who i'm being?) The bottle also looks gorgeous; I keep it out on my dressing table just because it's so pretty to look at. Definitely the perfect polish for the festive season!

OPI nail polishes retail for £10.50, but if you aren't as impatient as me I would seriously recommend looking around online - just be careful that you're not buying a fake! Only buy from well trusted sellers.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Decoration Obsession..Continued!

Star decoration, 99p and heart decoration, £2.99 - Sam and Sebastian

I went into town today to get a birthday present for my flatmate, and came across this gorgeous little shop called Sam and Sebastian. As soon as you walk in, you look like you've walked into a country cottage - it's truly gorgeous. All the handmade decorations sold are hung from a tree, with worn white cupboards filled with vintage teapots, homemade candles and personalized bunting. Everything is just so so sweet that I had to take advantage of the individual decorations and pick up a couple. What I like about these is that they are classic. No bulk-purchase of plastic baubles from the local supermarket, these look specially selected for a traditional tree. I'm definately going back and getting myself some gorgeous bunting to hang from my ceiling.

Seriously guys, check out Sam and Sebastian here or find them in the old Bournemouth Arcade.


Hey all,

I know I haven't posted in a while and thanks for the big jump in views of my blog, but i've been really stressed at uni lately so I haven't been able to post anything :( I have loads of things lined up that I want to post, so stay tuned! Should have one or two up by the end of today :)


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Inside my make-up bag!

I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers do this. And i've always found it interesting because obviously we review these products, but how many of them actually make it into our make-up bags? So I thought i'd empty mine out and show you all. Sometimes it changes, depending on the occasion, but this is generally what comes with me whilst travelling back and forth from Bournemouth to Southampton (As it would be impossible to bring all of my makeup back with me, but i'll wait for another post to show you that!). So here's what's inside my make-up bag:

(1) I personally believe that if you're going to spend the money on buying quality makeup, what you carry it in is equally important. That's why I swapped my tiny Clinique freebie makeup bag for the gorgeous Romiley Make Up Bag (Jack Wills,£19). It's spacious and is made of oil cloth, making it easy to wipe clean and protect your make up brushes etc. from gathering bacteria.

(2) For anyone who doesn't know, I consider the carbon footprint of everything I buy and care deeply for the environment. That's why when I had to buy the Ecotools Bamboo Powder Brush (Boots, £9.99). It uses the highly-sustainable bamboo plant for the handle, and recycled aliminium for the ferrule. The synthetic taklon bristles are cruelty free (As opposed to other brands' make-up brushes that use real animal hair?!), and they're super soft so my loose powder glides on evenly.

(3) As i've said before I suffer from oily skin, and it isn't uncommon for makeup to just slip off my face, which prompted me to purchase The Porefessional (Benefit, £23.50). It's a balm that you use to minimise the appearance of pores and leaves your skin smooth and even, ready for makeup application. In personal experience it extends the coverage time of my makeup and the oiliness is gone.

(4) I have a lot of different liquid concealers, but for during the day I really just prefer to wear powder so my skin doesn't feel to heavily covered, which is why Correcteur Mineral (Loreal Paris) goes with me everywhere. I've had it so long I can't remember how much it was, but it was bought in Superdrug at a time when I had hardly any money so I doubt it was more than a few pounds! When using this product, a little goes a long way so it's lasted me ages! It definitely does the job of covering my blemishes and spots, without feeling like it's blocking them like liquids can do.

(5) This is the mother of all mascaras. I cannot get enough of this, and cannot praise it enough. I purchased They're Real! (Benefit, £17.50) about 4 months ago, and I cannot believe that I haven't run out yet as I wear it practically every day. It elongates my lashes like no other mascara has ever done, and the spiked ball at the end of the wall is useful for pulling up individual lashes that you have missed while applying. It really opens my eyes and makes them stand out - Now i'm just waiting for Benefit to bring out different colours so I can buy them all!

(6) Well kept eyebrows have always been a top priority for me. Which is why it's important for me to have a handy eyebrow kit to carry around with me so they're constantly looking their best. Brow Zings (Benefit, £22.50) comes with everything you need for perfect eyebrows: Pigmented wax for shaping, natural shaded powder for darkening, a tiny pair of Tweezerman tweezers, a mirror and both a hard-angle and blending brush. It also comes complete with a lesson of how to use everything, and achieve perfect eyebrows in minutes. This will never leave my makeup bag. Ever.

(7) Blusher is the thing that changes most in my makeup bag. Currently, I have Coralista (Benefit, £23.50), a coral blush that I love wearing when I want people to notice that i'm wearing makeup. It's suttle, but has a slight glow which warms up a pale face like mine! When I want something more natural I switch to Benefit's Dandelion, which is a pale pink. It comes with a compact brush inside, and the newer shades from Benefit also have a mirror on the inside too!

(8) I've reviewed this product before so I won't go into it, but Witch Stick is perfect for calming down the redness of a spot instantly, so it's always handy to have.

(9) I have a never-ending collection of eyeliners, ranging from a 99p pencil from Savers to a £17 kohl crayon from Dior, but this is the eyeliner that can't be beaten in my eyes. Khol & Contour (Bourjois Paris), glides on easily and leaves a jet black line for hours. It goes on thick and easily, so I don't have to spend ages colouring in my eyelids!

(10) I cannot stress how important it is to invest in a decent foundation. Cheaper brands may be better for your bank balance, but they aren't always the best for your skin. I use Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Mac, £18.50) for matte, low coverage that lasts all day. It's light and allows my skin to breath while it covers the redness on my face and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and so smooth it feels as though i've just moisturized.

(11) Liquid eye-liner is only something i've been using in the past few months. I always thought that because I had such small eyes it wouldn't really compliment them by piling on jet-black around my eyes. However, what's amazing about Magic Ink (Benefit, £13) is that the brush is so thin that you don't have to over-do it if you have smaller eyes and eyelids like me. It look me a while to get used to drawing a straight line, but the sleek brush makes it quick easy to line your eyes in one stroke. I'm so glad I tried this product; I can't imagine going without it now!

So, there you go. Those are all my essentials, although I forgot to include any of the lip products I use. At the moment if you must know, i'm using Cherry Carmex because it moisturises my dry lips in the cold weather and smells like sweets :)

I'm constantly on the lookout for amazing products, but these are my makeup staples. What are your beauty essentials?


Saturday, 26 November 2011

November Obsession: Christmas Jumpers!

(1) Fairisle Knit Jumper, £24.99, New Look (2) Hedgehog Jumper, £35, Chelsea Girl for River Island (2) Navy all-over Pattern Jumper, £40, Topman

Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than festive Christmas jumpers! That is why I had to go and have a little look around for the best jumpers on offer :) Here's my latest jumper:

Reindeer Jumper, £12, Primark Men's

What i've discovered is that the best christmas jumpers seem to be in the men's sections of popular shops. I found this one in the men's section in Primark, and even though the smallest size is a tiny bit baggy, if you like jumpers that keep you all cosy and warm then it's perfect!
I absolutely love the other jumpers from Topman, RI and New Look, especially the hedgehog print one! They're perfect because if you don't feel like dressing up you can throw one of these on with a pair of a leggings, and the festive print will cheer you right up! I'll definately be expanding my collection, Primark is definitely going to be raided first .. £12 is such a bargain!

Anyone know of any other shops that sell gorgeous Christmas jumpers?

Monday, 21 November 2011

DIY: Leopard print nails!

After looking at nail art designs on various other blogs (Such as chyaz) I came across a very easy leopard print pattern that seemed so fail-safe that even someone with a shaky hand like me could give it a try. So here's how it went:
I did my younger sisters in the traditional leopard print colours, and then experimented with bright blue and white and I absolutely love how it turned out :) All you need is two colours and a black liquid eyeliner - genius! Was thinking of doing a video tutorial or something, but depends what peoples thoughts are. Do you like them?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Gotta love New Look!

Okay, so you're probably thinking: "Why is this girl making a blog post about socks?" And to be honest, it is pretty sad. But just look at them! They were on offer for 3 for £4, so I decided to go all out and spend £8 on random pairs of socks! I love all the random patterns on them, and since it's now winter and it's getting impossible to wear dolly shoes, i've stocked up so I can wear them with my trainers and Uggs.

I'm so easily pleased :)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Review: Lush's 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' Face Mask

I love Lush. I simply can't get enough of it. It's eco, unique and smells incredible! So when I wanted to have a relax on one of my rare nights off from work, I knew I had to get a Lush face mask. I was told to get this particular face mask as it was specific to sensitive and oily skin, and it contains antioxidants that help soothe and calm spots.

One of the key ingredients are fresh blueberries, which I love because you can actually see little chunks of fresh ones when you put the mask on your face. It also includes talc and camomile (Perfect for sensitive skin!) and almond oil to soften your face.

To be honest, it doesn't look too attractive, but trust me, it's great! It comes in such a small pot you'd think you'd need to use the entire contents, but there's so much packed in there that there is enough for as least three uses! I had to put it on quite thickly, but to be honest I didn't want to miss a chance of it soothing my spots so I layered it on thick. I kept it on for five minutes and then washed it off with warm water. Instantly it felt like my face had been cleared of all the rubbish and I was left with a fresh new layer of skin! It felt as though my face had never been as clean as it was right then! My spots weren't as red and I couldn't stop feeling my cheeks.

It retails at £5.50, which may seem a bit steep for some. But for three usages, I think it's completely worth it. The only negative comment I have is that as it has to be kept in the fridge it starts to bring the moisture to the top so you have to pour the liquid away, unless you like a more watery mask!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November Obsession: Accessorize Christmas Decorations!

Ever since I can remember, everyone has always been envious of my family's christmas tree. My mum has been collecting one-off christmas decorations every year since she was about 16, so nothing on our tree is the same. So over the past few years i've started doing the same. And i've found that one of the best places to get uniquely gorgeous christmas decs is none other than Accessorize!

Every year they do different designs that look homemade, with different fabrics, buttons, ribbons and colours. I cannot get enough of the two I got today:

Heart - £4, 'S' Initial - £3.50

What I love about these, is that I can actually hang them all year round. Of course i'll put them on my christmas tree, but at the moment they're hanging on my pinboard and don't look out of place. I think the beading on the heart is stunning and looks like I could have made it. There were so many more in there, but i'd thought i'd take it easy on my spending today! But I will definately adding more to my collection. When I get home i'll upload photos of my other unique decs.

So if you want a unique christmas tree this year, look around for one-off decorations. They don't have to match, and can be any colour. I believe the more colourful the decs the better, so why limit yourself to the traditional red and green?

If anyone knows of any websites or shops that sell unique/handmade christmas decorations, leave me a comment :)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Newest Topshop Buys!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. Just thought i'd share my gorgeous new buys from Topshop. There wasn't any reason for this spree, other than I didn't want to go home and spend the next 8 hours doing uni work, so i'd thought i'd have a wander round to break up the time.

I found the top from the dreaded sales rack. It was £7 down from £28 (Amazing!!!), and I knew I had to get it because for a change they actually had it in my size! Don't get me wrong, I love finding a good bargain, but unless you go to the Topshop sale on the day it starts, you're left with the clothes in awkward sizes and everythings basically hideous. But, I actually remember wanting to buy this top in the summer, but refusing to pay the £28 .. so, bonus! :)

The shoes have got to be my favourite. One of the sales assistants was helping me get down a pair of jeans, and had to end up getting a ladder. I was standing there waiting when her shoes came into my level. I could not stop staring at them, I loved them so much! And I cannot believe they only cost me £20! (And I had student discount to add on top of that!) I call them my wizard shoes, and they also have the same style but with red hearts instead of gold stars, which are on my list too. I couldn't stop staring at my feet while I was wearing them, almost causing a few head-on collisions. Oh well, they're worth it!

I also ended up spending far too much money in Mac, so expect a post about that :)

Enjoy your weekend xo

Monday, 31 October 2011

Review: Witch Blemish Stick

I was flicking through the latest Cosmo and came across this beauty when they were reviewing the best spot treatments. Since starting University i've been really stressed out trying to get back into the routine of being in education, and whenever I get stressed I tend to break out. So I thought i'd give this a try.

It claims to: "Break down excess oils and fight the bacteria that causes spots".

The key ingredient is witch hazel (Hence the brand 'Witch'!), which a natural growing plant that helps soothe and balance problem skin.

What I like most about this product is the simplicity. You just push up the stick from the bottle of the tube, and apply to the problem area as much as you'd like. There's no " Make sure you wash your hands." or "Only put it on once a day.", it's just apply whenever you feel like! What I also like is that when you apply it you feel a slight sting. I know this probably isn't a good thing for everyone and sometimes it can be quite painful so be careful, but it makes me feel like it's working against the bacteria and it's healing my skin.
It's compact and brightly coloured, so I can always find it when it's buried amoungst my things in my bag.

I put it on once every hour or so for about 6 hours before I went to bed, and I woke up in the morning it seemed to have sped up the process healing my spots. Most of them were almost completely healed and the redness had gone. You need to persist with it until they are completely gone because the bacteria can always linger, but it literally likes a second to sweep it across your face whenever you need it.

It retails at £2.75 in most pharmacies and supermarkets (I got mine from Boots!), and it does the job. Pure and simple.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

My favourite moisturiser: Clinique's Moisture Surge

A few days ago, a lush sales assistant was advising me on how you need to moisturise your skin to tone it down after a facial scrub. She said to me:
"A girl needs three things in life: A comfy pair of shoes for when she's on the run, a good mattress for when she's laying down, and a good facial moistruster for when she wants to look fabulous doing both."

So I thought i'd share my favourite moisturiser EVER. It's Moisture Surge by Clinique, and it is incredible. I first discovered it when I bought Glamour magazine (Or it could have been Cosmopolitan, to be honest I can't remember which one!) and they were giving away free tester tubes.
The mistake I made was squeezing out quite a liberal amount and dabbing it around my face. Immediately I felt how light it was, and I ended up having to take some off and rubbing it into my neck and on my elbows so it wasn't wasted. When I finished the tester and bought the 15ml pot, I began tipping it upside down for a second and then just using the bottom of the lid as the amount I put on my skin.

Clinique describe this product as 'Extended thirst relief', and it's crazy how accurate that is. As I was putting it on, it was as if my skin had soaked up masses of water and I instantly felt refreshed and cooled down. It isn't oily, and is perfect for after you've just endured a facial scrub or have just got out of a hot shower and your skin is tighter. It can also be used for other parts of the body aswell, like your cuticles to keep them soft and moisturised during colder months.

It retails at £30, which I know is steep. But you only need less than a pea-sized amount to cover your face, so it really is good value for money.

I don't think I can rave any more about this product, I just recommend you pop down to your nearest Clinique stand and ask them to sample a tester. You'll be amazed :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

My Favourite Christmas Nail Polish!

Nail Polish in Shade 36, Accessorize - £4

If this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will. I was in London on Monday doing an interview, and decided to browse Accessorize in Waterloo Station to pass the time before my train arrived. I usually don't like going into Accessorize, as I tend to forget that I have a budget and buy anything I can get my hands on. I found this amongst the dull shades by the till (To be honest, they were that dull but in comparison to this colour..), and for £4 I could not say no.

I had to use two coats to completely cover the nail, and each coat took just over a minute to dry which is rare for such an inexpensive polish. What I love most about this shade, is that what you see is what you get. Although my nail painting skills aren't the best since my nails became short, you can see that the colour on my nails is exactly the same as it is in the bottle.

Whenever I look at my fingers I instantly think of Christmas, which is enough to cheer me up any day :) All in all, a wise purchase and I will definitely be going back to Accessorize for more colours.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Review: Revlon 'Top Speed' Nail Enamel in Emerald

I think I said it in a post before that I was trying to expand my nail polish collection (I've been going from buying at least 3 a week to buying one a month!) and that I was lacking in greens. So, I was feeling pretty festive as I browsed the make-up aisles in Boots and came across this gorgeous matte green polish from Revlon. I always think you can't go wrong with a strong matte colour as they always look just amazing on your nails as they do on the bottle. By the way, because it's night there is no natural light,so the flash makes the colour slightly lighter than it actually is, it's a forest green!

The bottle claims it only needs one coat, and that it takes 60 seconds to dry, and it's completely right! First off, I hate still being able to see the nail underneath the polish, it's just pointless! But after applying (Quite liberally, just incase!) quickly there was no hint of my natural nail in sight. I was precise enough to actually time the drying time to see if it was over a minute, and by 60s my nails were bone dry. Result :)

Please ignore my temporarily short nails, they keep breaking off because they're getting too long! As you can see it's a gorgeous woody green, and reminds me of the colour of a Christmas tree :)
It retails at £6.49 from Boots, which I think it's amazing as the application took two minutes, and the drying time is only a minute.

Excellent value for someone like me whose always on the go and can't afford to be wasting time blowing on my nails to make them dry! I recommend 100 percent.


Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I haven't posted alot but I promise I will soon enough. I've been working and haven't had a lot of free time. There's lots of new things I want to try, but getting into the town to buy things has been difficult. I'm looking to expand my OPI collection as they have a gorgeous Muppets collection! I just don't know if I can justify spent £21 on two nail polishes.

I'm currently typing this whilst waiting for my OPI 'Lady In Black' to dry. I don't know why, but I love jet-black nails. They're so blunt and go with everything!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The animal ring zoo continues!

1. Panther diamante ring - £2.50 2. Owl Ring - £1.50, both Primark

Okay, so it has come to my attention that clearly I will buy any animal ring I see. I already have an owl ring, but for the bargain price of £1.50 I couldn't really say no! The panther ring is gorgeous and will compliment any party outfit (And to think I almost put it down!).

So that takes me up to 5 now, which isn't really a lot but I really want more. Where do you buy your rings from?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

How I Tackle Oily Skin!

I never really realised I had oily skin until I used 'Take The Day Off' Cleansing Milk by Clarins. It was amazing at taking off my make-up, but I wasn't informed by the salesperson that it was for people with particularly dry skin so it was really oily. After that, I realised that my skin was naturally red and oily and it was very difficult to make my foundation stick for more than a few hours.

I will say this now, and no doubt I will say it again: Lush Cosmetics.
I cannot get enough of this shop! I went in there and asked what they recommended, and I ended up purchasing two products that I can no longer live without:

Photograph taken from Lush Cosmetics website

I usually do my cleansing routine in the shower, because it can get kind of messy! Firstly I use my Fresh Farmacy cleansing bar. They sell it at £4.50 for 100g (Which I think is enough!), and it's basically a calamine lotion in a solid form. It's ingredients include tea tree oil (Which is renowned for battling oily skin) and lavender oil which soothes the redness. What's great about this product is that it doesn't actually include hardly any soap, which they have intentionally avoided to reduce the impact it has on the skin. I use this bar by wetting my hand and lathering it up with it until my hand is totally covered. I then cover my face with it, massaging as I go and then wash it off with warm water. I love feeling my face afterwards, because it feels as though all the dirt and rubbish has been washed away! I use this every time I shower.

The next product I use for every other shower I have, because it is technically a scrub which can be harsh on your face. It's called Dark Angels and can be purchased from Lush for £5.95. This is excellent value for money because there is so much compacted in the pot and it definitely does the job! The scariest thing about it is that it is jet black, and doesn't smell particularly pleasant. That is thanks to the charcoal, Rhassoul mud and black sugar "which together make a very absorbant and exfoliating cleanser".
Before you use this, please make sure you don't have anything white or lightly coloured e.g.: A bath mat or towel lying around, as it can stain!After i've used the Fresh Farmacy, I take a small amount in my hand (On the container it says 'penny-sized') and lather it up with some water so it forms a paste. I then massage it into my skin until it is completely covered. I then wash it off with warm water, leaving my face feeling tight and clean, with all the excess oil washed away. The only negative comment I have about this product is that it's shelf life is only three months, and for the amount you are supposed to use and the amount of times it's recommended to use it you end up wasting a fair amount.

I've found that this routine has reduced the redness on my face, and that the loss of oil has made my make up stay on longer. My skin feels healthier, cleaner and is extremely soft! These two products are definately two of the best that Lush has to offer and I don't think i'll ever try anything else!

What are your cleansing routines?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wishlist, Christmas List, Shopping List: Snakeskin blouses!

1. Animal print side tuck blouse - £36, Topshop 2. Sheer snake blouse - £22.99, New Look 3. Sheer snake double layer blouse - £8, Primark

I love when this happens. The least expensive version of the blouse is the best, and you only pay a fraction of the price! To be fair, the Topshop blouse is gorgeous. I love the cut and the shape of the sleeves, although I wouldn't be able to justify spending £36 on it, even with my 20% student discount! I'm not really a big fan of the New Look blouse, but I can imagine with the sleeves rolled and stitched it would look a lot more appealing to me. It's also £22.99, which is also a bit pricey for me.

I found the Primark version last week when I was off draining the remainder of my bank account in Bournemouth town. It didn't look to appealing on the hanger; it seemed out of shape and I couldn't imagine it on me - so I tried it on out of pure curiosity. The second layer covers up my bra, but leaves my stomach showing due to the sheer fabric, so I wear it with black high-waisted shorts (New Look) to cover myself up a little.

Overall i'm happy with my purchase. It's light and somehow flattering, and I can't wait until I wear it again.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

October Obsession: Animal Rings

(Left to right, clockwise) 1. Snake wrap-around ring - £9, 2. Owl ring - £3.99, H&M 3. Rabbit diamante ring - £15, Yumi 4. Stag, bunny and owl ring set - £14, Urban Outfitters

I don't know what it is, but this month i've been obsessing over finding as many different animal rings as possible. What I love about this must-have accessory is that there are both under-stated and elaborate versions, such as the bunny cocktail ring from, or the sleek snake wrap-around ring.

1. Rabbit dyamante ring - £3.75, Miss Selfridge 2. Owl ring - £6.95, Bijou Brigette 3. Reindeer ring - £2, Primark

This is the beginning of my collection of animal rings. As you can see, they're all big cocktail rings which draw attention to themselves. I quite like the idea of a smaller under-stated ring that could be worn as part of a daytime outfit, as just a bit of decoration to the hand. I'm loving the trio of rings from Urban Outfitters, as they work out at £4.60 each which is within my price range. I can't wait to keep adding to my collection, I really want a snake next!

What animal rings do you own?

It's on!

Okay, first of all I will admit to you that I am extremely competitive. Not in an annoying way that you can't trust me in fear that i'll stab you in the back, but I do have ambitions and goals that I strive to achieve. I like to strive for the best and won't stop until I get there.

I'm currently applying for more work experience placements. I've just applied for LOOK magazine and i'll then apply for others on the Conde Nast website. It's just so difficult because they are well known magazines, and even though i've been a fashion intern before it doesn't stop it being exhausting trying to beat everyone out for the spot.

I suppose it's the area of work I have chosen a career in, it's competitive and cut-throat and i'm still trying to get used to that. Anyone have any ideas for good Fashion Journalism work placements?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day at the beach!

Top - £8, Primark Skirt - £28, Topshop Ring - £3.75, Miss Selfridge Necklace - £25, Urban Outfitters

First of all I will say, please ignore the 'face like a smacked arse' look on my face! To be honest if you could ask anyone I knew, they'd tell you i'm one of the smiliest and happiest people you'll ever meet so i'll try and work on my un-photogenic demeanor for the next lot of photos. This blouse was from my Primark spree yesterday, and i'm aware it is incredibly see-through but it is hot out and I don't want any more layers than I have to. Decided to pair it with my black flippy skirt that I bought just before I came to University. Along with the gorgeous rabbit ring that I bought in the Miss Selfridge sale last week, and the working wind-up clock necklace that my mum bought me as a present whilst browsing U.O in London.

Because i'm so pale I don't really want to be exposed to too much sun whilst at the beach, so this is the most covering up I can do under the circumstances!

Have a great day!

Sophie xo

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Under Construction

In comparison to other blogs, mine looks like it could have been created by a five year old. However, I have foolishly decided to create this whilst during my Freshers week, so it is a work in progress that will only improve over time. Feel free to leave comments (try not to be too mean, i'm just doing what I love, i'm no professional!) and keep checking back for more posts. I have lots to show you, but the lighting is awful at night!

Sophie xo
Must Have: Armour Ring

1. £12.50 2. £8.50 3. £14, all Topshop

Dating back to the medieval times, armour rings are a much smaller and more delicate version of the gauntlet glove that was used as armour. This selection from Topshop captures the authenticity of the armour/shield ring, but add a feminine touch by incorporating stones and adding patterned detailing.

During my Primark spree around Bournemouth town today, I came across this:

Floral Armour Ring, £2.50 - Primark

What attracted me most to this ring is the length. Although my nails are long, I still have extremely short fingers, which makes it near impossible to wear the ultra-long armour rings from Topshop. But as you can see from the first picture, it only goes just above the knuckle, so it doesn't look strange on my tiny hand. It also has feminine flowers, but keeps to the medivial theme with the circular joints, sharp lines and the gold colouring.

Hi all! I've just realised i've done two reviews already, and nobody knows who I am! My name's Sophie, i'm nineteen and i'm currently writing in a reasonably sized bedroom in a University block of flats that holds about 500 other students. I'm a journalism student, but my real passion is fashion and beauty. I'm also a proud shopaholic (Except today, where I drained my bank account on a Primark shopping spree, pictures to follow!), so I thought i'd create this blog to review my must-haves and share my bargains to other students, who refuse to stop shopping even though they're living in their student loan and overdraft!
Review: Rimmel 'I <3 Long Lasting' Nail Polish in '270 Hot Shot'

What you will learn from me soon, is that I have a serious addiction to nail polish. I can't go a week without buying at least one new colour to add to my collection. And when I saw the brightest matt pink polish on the bottom shelf of the Rimmel section in Boots, I knew I had to have it.

People refer to this colour as 'Barbie pink', and usually I would object from wearing pink nail varnish and being stereotyped as a girlie girl with pretty pink nails, but to be honest I love the boldness of this colour. The brush isn't anything special, just your standard shape so it takes a couple of strokes to cover the whole nail. However, because it is so bright you only need one coat.

This colour is perfect if you like people taking a second look, and to add extra glam you could add a coat of Bourjois' 1 second Innovation glitter! Just make sure your nails are the same length and well kept, people will see everything with this statement shade.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Review: Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Soothing Lotion

I bought this product from my local Superdrug, after growing tired of waiting for what felt like forever for my Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Fomula to dry on my legs so I could put my jeans on! I was instantly drawn to the fact that it said: 'fast-absorbing' and was 'non-greasy'.

What first drew me to the product on the shelf was the shape of the bottle. It curves in in the middle so it makes it easier to grip when you're applying the product onto your skin. The mint green colouring also stood out for me on the shelf, and I spent a while looking through all of the different lotions that had infused different ingredients that varied for your skin type:

  • Cocoa Butter - Dry and Rough Skin
  • Shea Butter - Dry or Extra Dry Skin
  • Mango - Dry Skin
  • Aloe Vera - For extra soft skin
  • Honey - Sensitive Skin

I went for the honey lotion, as it was described as a 'soothing lotion' (and for as long as I can remember i've had sensitive and itchy legs!). It also came in two sizes, 250ml and 400ml, but to be on the safe side I bought the smaller one just to try it out.

The one thing I would say about this product is that a little goes a long way! I made the mistake of squeezing the bottle too hard and having to try and find other places to rub in the lotion as I had far too much on my legs! I used it just after i'd had a bath, and within minutes I was able to put on my pyjamas without them sticking to my legs or leaving them feeling oily. I was literally amazed by how smooth my legs felt (I even called in my sister and my mum to feel my legs, as I could not believe how smooth they were!).

What makes this product different is that it claims to be so hydrated that it leaves your skin feeling moisturised seven days after your last application. However, the small print on the bottom of the bottle says that it is only after twice daily application for four weeks that this is apparant. Slightly misleading I must say, but the results were so good the first time round I have continued to use it day and night, and my skin feels smooth and healthy-looking. After about a week, I then realized that my legs were no longer itching and they were no longer red from scratching :) I have now finished the 250ml bottle and have moved on to the 400ml.

I bought the 250ml bottle for £2.99 from Superdrug, and the 400ml for £3.50 (RRP £4.50) from Boots. I think this is a reasonable price for the product, as it has definately soothed my legs and left them feeling so smooth I can't stop touching them!