Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dainty Doll Mascara & Eyeliner Duo in 'Good Golly Miss Molly'

The holiday season is almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing: Parties!
Christmas, New Years and in my case a few birthdays - meaning glamorous dresses, sparkle and flawless makeup. When packing your party clutch with essentials, double ended or multi-use products are essential to save crucial space, making this mascara and eyeliner duo* a must-have for your bag.

Being a pale girl, Dainty Doll automatically intreged me. Created by fellow english rose Nicola Roberts, Dainty Doll aims to cater for fairer skinned girls with a variety of quality makeup and skincare products. Its so irritating when well known brands luxury brands don't stock a shade light enough for me, so it's great to have a brand that I can instantly go to and know they have the right products for me. I have 'Good Golly Miss Molly' - a jet black, perfect for a sophisticated cat eye or to accompany a classic smokey eye.

The duo come as a double ended applicator wand/brush, with screw-top bottles either end that contain the product. A classic combination of black and gold, the packaging is sleek and perfect for the festive season! Both products contain vitamin E, beeswax and natural plant wax, ensuring that these two staple products are as skin-friendly as possible.

I found the eyeliner extremely difficult to use. It claims to be able to effortlessly glide onto your lid, but I found it was extremely watery - so much so that it sort of spread out over my lid, making a straight line almost impossible. I'm not the most fluent in applying liquid eyeliner, but this was just ridiculous! Once applied it looked lovely, but as you can see its not exactly neat! It took a few tries to get the bold black it promises, so I had to go over it a few times and therefore the line slowly became messier and messier. I also found that the liner didn't stick well, it fades quite quickly due to its thin consistency.
I'm much more of a fan of the mascara! It fans out your lashes without clumping them together, making it perfect for the daytime. I personally prefer mascara that thickens the lashes in the evening to make more of a statement, and this mascara simply elongates them! I think i'd use this during the day, but I only really use liquid eyeliner in the evenings to make more of a statement so the combination doesn't really work for me! I definitely don't think its worth the extortionate price of £17.50. A pretty average product that achieves minimal results, however I do like the double ended wand and how compact and convenient it is. Let's hope Dainty Doll's other products aren't as disappointing as this!

You can purchase Dainty Doll Mascara & Eyeliner Duo in 'Good Golly Miss Molly' for £17.50 at your local Boots, and view other products in the Dainty Doll range from their website here.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Eau Roma Toner Water

Hey everyone,

I know its been a while since i've posted - university work has really taken over my life recently! But I will be getting back to more regular blogging, i've missed it so much! Recently, rose water has appeared on many blogs and in lifestyle magazines and has been listed as a cult favourite amongst countless celebrities for something that provides them with freshness and rejuvination throughout a day just from a simple spray. Therefore, I thought it was only fitting to indulge in yet another Lush spree and purchase their Eau Roma rose water toner.

Packed with calming rose water and softening lavender water, this toner water is perfect for mature, dry or sensitive skin. With a total of 6 ingredients, its gorgeously gentle and is also great for when your skin feels a bit dehydrated throughout the day or your body just needs a bit of refreshment. I found with the teatree toner, although gentle, did not exceed expectations on keeping my spots at bay so I thought i'd try a different approach and find something that's even more soothing to calm my blemishes.

Eau Roma is the most gentle on my skin than other toners i've tried, and is certainly the most fragrant. It's light, airy and smells typically how you would expect Lush to - bursting with fresh and natural ingredients. I use it with a cotton pad at the end of the day to remove my last traces of makeup before applying moisturiser, and just spritz it on straight to the face in the morning to refresh my skin and set my makeup. What I love about Lush toners in general is that they come in two sizes, a large 250g bottle or a travel sized 100g for just £3.95 that's perfect if you want a little tester to see how your skin gets on with it.

Eau Roma is now part of my everyday skincare routine and so far my skin is definitely thanking me for it - my blemishes, although not completly disappeared have reduced in redness and my skin looks bright and generally well looked after. This is an amazing staple product in my opinion, well done again Lush!

You can buy Eau Roma Toner Water from your local Lush store or online here for £3.95 for 100g and £7.25 for 250g.

P.s.: I am aware that i've been posting a lot of Lush products lately, this is the last of it for a while - promise!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser

Another day, another LUSH binge! This time, I was looking for a gentle cleanser, due to my sudden increase in spots. I can't speak for other bloggers, but for my skin continuity is key, which isn't exactly ideal for a beauty blogger who spends her spare hours reviewing new products. I wanted something moisturising, purifying and not too heavy so my skin felt red and exposed afterwards. With that in mind, I was pointed in the direction of this little beauty:


Let The Good Times Roll is one of Lush's limited edition Christmas products. Packed with cinnamon, popped corn oil, maize and caramel, this cleansing scrub sounds a lot more like ingredients for a delicious dessert.

It has the texture of cookie dough (Which is quite fitting!), with tiny grains for light exfoliation. When I bought it I didn't think to ask whether it was recommended to use as a weekly scrub or daily cleanser due to the consistency - but its perfectly fine to use every day. This is by far the product I am most excited about using. As sad as it sounds, I actually look forward to treating my skin to a dose of this product every night, it just smells so gorgeous! A pinch of it mixed with water in the palms of your hands is just enough to rid your face of all makeup as well as provide an amazing exfoliator. I've also found with two weeks of continued use that my spots have cleared up considerably, as well as being less blotchy on my nose and cheeks.

For the bargain price of £5.95, you get a generous 100g. However, with this amount comes the only negative aspect of this review. Because Lush's products are so natural and fresh, the shelf life isn't as long as other products. This product has a 'Best Before' of 3 months, and with the amount you purchase compared to the amount you need, there would most likely be a lot of wastage. That, and the fact that its limited edition so soon i'll have to cope without this incredible (and yummy!) facial cleanser, are the only bad things I have to say about this product. 

So grab it while you can, but try not too get too hooked - it's not around for long!

You can purchase Let The Good Times Roll for £5.95 (100g) at your local Lush or online here.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

NARS Deep Throat Blush

Since becoming engrossed in the world of beauty, NARS has always been a brand that i'd seen other bloggers rave about but i'd never taken the plunge myself. As there isn't a NARS anywhere near me in Southampton, I would have had to trust other bloggers and simply order online in hopes that I wouldn't be wasting my money. Although I always consult other bloggers' reviews before investing in a high-end product, trying it on yourself is the only way that you will be able to be 100% sure that you're buying a product thats right for you. With that being said, I was walking past Selfridges on the way to Louise Gray's LFW Show when I finally got the urge, and 10 minutes later I left the shop with my first product!

NARS blush is without a doubt a cult product, with an amazing 21 shades - these gorgeous blushes are bursting with colour and a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes. With micronized powder it enables easy blending, resulting in a natural pinch of colour instead of an unblended streak (As you see with many blushes!) Since i'm so pale and I practically cowered under an umbrella for the duration of my holiday this year, I felt that I needed that warmth that my skin naturally lacks - so I picked up the stunning Deep Throat.

It's a gorgeous peach, that can achieve a warm glow in the smallest of sweeps. That is both a positive and a negative in my case, as when I first started to apply this shade I completely underestimated how strong the pigment was, so I accidentally made myself look like a drag queen so had to re-do my entire base. However, I didn't mind as the shade sweeps on flawlessly and gives me that post-holiday glow that I desperately crave. Is has a slight shimmer, but not enough for it to be considered to 'dressy' for day-wear. To apply I simply take the brush and gently tap it onto the pan, and then tap off the excess (Trust me, there will be some!). You'll have plenty of product, which means the £21 price tag doesn't sting quite as much!

Overall, I love the result. It's luxurious, silky, pigmented and my cheeks look flawlessly flushed with minimal effort. However, with the high price its not something I will be able to indulge in all the time :( 

You can purchase Deep Throat for £21 at your nearest NARS counter or online here.