Tuesday, 4 October 2011

How I Tackle Oily Skin!

I never really realised I had oily skin until I used 'Take The Day Off' Cleansing Milk by Clarins. It was amazing at taking off my make-up, but I wasn't informed by the salesperson that it was for people with particularly dry skin so it was really oily. After that, I realised that my skin was naturally red and oily and it was very difficult to make my foundation stick for more than a few hours.

I will say this now, and no doubt I will say it again: Lush Cosmetics.
I cannot get enough of this shop! I went in there and asked what they recommended, and I ended up purchasing two products that I can no longer live without:

Photograph taken from Lush Cosmetics website

I usually do my cleansing routine in the shower, because it can get kind of messy! Firstly I use my Fresh Farmacy cleansing bar. They sell it at £4.50 for 100g (Which I think is enough!), and it's basically a calamine lotion in a solid form. It's ingredients include tea tree oil (Which is renowned for battling oily skin) and lavender oil which soothes the redness. What's great about this product is that it doesn't actually include hardly any soap, which they have intentionally avoided to reduce the impact it has on the skin. I use this bar by wetting my hand and lathering it up with it until my hand is totally covered. I then cover my face with it, massaging as I go and then wash it off with warm water. I love feeling my face afterwards, because it feels as though all the dirt and rubbish has been washed away! I use this every time I shower.

The next product I use for every other shower I have, because it is technically a scrub which can be harsh on your face. It's called Dark Angels and can be purchased from Lush for £5.95. This is excellent value for money because there is so much compacted in the pot and it definitely does the job! The scariest thing about it is that it is jet black, and doesn't smell particularly pleasant. That is thanks to the charcoal, Rhassoul mud and black sugar "which together make a very absorbant and exfoliating cleanser".
Before you use this, please make sure you don't have anything white or lightly coloured e.g.: A bath mat or towel lying around, as it can stain!After i've used the Fresh Farmacy, I take a small amount in my hand (On the container it says 'penny-sized') and lather it up with some water so it forms a paste. I then massage it into my skin until it is completely covered. I then wash it off with warm water, leaving my face feeling tight and clean, with all the excess oil washed away. The only negative comment I have about this product is that it's shelf life is only three months, and for the amount you are supposed to use and the amount of times it's recommended to use it you end up wasting a fair amount.

I've found that this routine has reduced the redness on my face, and that the loss of oil has made my make up stay on longer. My skin feels healthier, cleaner and is extremely soft! These two products are definately two of the best that Lush has to offer and I don't think i'll ever try anything else!

What are your cleansing routines?

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