Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Newest Topshop Buys!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. Just thought i'd share my gorgeous new buys from Topshop. There wasn't any reason for this spree, other than I didn't want to go home and spend the next 8 hours doing uni work, so i'd thought i'd have a wander round to break up the time.

I found the top from the dreaded sales rack. It was £7 down from £28 (Amazing!!!), and I knew I had to get it because for a change they actually had it in my size! Don't get me wrong, I love finding a good bargain, but unless you go to the Topshop sale on the day it starts, you're left with the clothes in awkward sizes and everythings basically hideous. But, I actually remember wanting to buy this top in the summer, but refusing to pay the £28 .. so, bonus! :)

The shoes have got to be my favourite. One of the sales assistants was helping me get down a pair of jeans, and had to end up getting a ladder. I was standing there waiting when her shoes came into my level. I could not stop staring at them, I loved them so much! And I cannot believe they only cost me £20! (And I had student discount to add on top of that!) I call them my wizard shoes, and they also have the same style but with red hearts instead of gold stars, which are on my list too. I couldn't stop staring at my feet while I was wearing them, almost causing a few head-on collisions. Oh well, they're worth it!

I also ended up spending far too much money in Mac, so expect a post about that :)

Enjoy your weekend xo

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