Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

This is the first review i've done where things haven't done what have been promised. I heard great reviews from other blogs about this, and Sally Hansen has always been so reliable when it comes to nail care and repair. I originally bought this because I am constantly wary of smudging freshly polished nails even after a few hours. You can paint them so carefully and they look as though they were done professionally, but as soon as you come into contact with anything else they are ruined.

You apply the Insta-Dri as a topcoat on top of touch-dry polished nails, and within 60 seconds your nails are dry. This aspect of the product is true, and it is because of this that I will continue to use it. What it does not deliver is the 'Anti-Chip' aspect. Within a day and a half I had already had chips in two of my nails. It may seem that i'm expecting a lot, but when something claims to be 'Anti-Chip' you expect it to last for more than a day? They've lasted a little bit longer than other top coat, I just wouldn't expect too much from it.

However, the Insta-Dri factor is enough to keep me reasonably happy :) I purchased it for £6, and for someone that doesn't want to use aerosol drying sprays for environmental reasons I think this is quite reasonable. Plus I love the colour of the bottle, and it's really easy to spot in my nail polish box!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat can be purchased for £6.15 at Boots or Superdrug.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!
Hope everyone had an amazing day :) I've been shuffling between my mum and dads for the past few days so I haven't had a computer. But can't wait to show you all my amazing prezzies and hopefully put up some more reviews, one of my new year resolutions is to make this blog as amazing as possible :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Organising Your Nail Polish

After adding five new polishes to my collection (I am in the process of reviewing, honest!) I came to the conclusion that it was taking me too long to pick a colour because it's impossible to tell which one is which by just looking at the lids whilst they're in the box. So I decided to try something really quick and easy to organise my polishes better.

I cut paper up into small squares (Lined paper was easier because I don't have a good eye for straight edges!) and put a small dot of polish onto it, and left it to dry. After a few hours, I went back and sellotaped it onto the top of the bottle. It really doesn't take long to do, but obviously it is quite fiddly if you're a bit clumsy like me! But now, I can easily find my perfect nail polish by simply looking at the dots on the tops of the bottles. Nice and simple :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Thanks :)

Just hit over 1,000 views on my blog :) So happy, thanks to everyone whose checking out the posts! Now I just need a few more of you to comment and subscribe and i'll be extra happy!

Happy holidays! xo

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Review: Tangle Teezer!

Not a day goes by where we all wish we had someone elses hair. For me, I wish my hair had more volume and did not just hang lankly against my head. The problem with having thin hair is that the simplest brush or smallest knot can cause my hair to fall out. It's not that I don't look after it because I really do, but sometimes when I get up out of bed in the morning it looks as if i've malted onto my pillow.

Even though some of it is unavoidable, I thought i'd give Shaun P's 'Tangle Teezer' a try, to see if it stops my hair falling out while trying to de-tangle it after a shower or when I got up in the morning. There is absolutely no way you won't be able to spot this product on the shelf, as they come in colours such as luminous pink, orange or purple.

Photograph from

As you can see, the brush is quite an odd shape. It curves in at the sides so it can fit easily in the palm of your hand, and the teeth are so soft and bend easily. The product comes in a box with instructions and tips on how to minimise damage to your hair due to brushing, and how to look after the teezer. It also advertises the new compact version of the brush, which folds in half and has a protector so the teeth can't get damaged in the bag. So here's how it looked when I used it.


So here is my ugly mane after just getting out of the shower. Please ignore my red face, this has been taken with my webcam in horrible lighting! As you can see my hair is a complete mess, and full of knots.
I followed the instructions in the booklet and as I had long hair it was recommended that I tip my head upside down and firmly pull the teezer through the hair. I was hesitant at first because I thought my hair would just rip out, but the teeth were really soft (It sort of felt like I was getting a massage!) and I felt the knots leave my hair without feeling any of it falling out.


This is after a minute of brushing. It was crazy how soft and sleek my hair felt! I let it dry naturally after this picture was taken, and my hair just felt amazing and I could run my fingers through it so easily. It was also really shiny, which is what the box advertises. All in all, a must-have and even though it's a bit pricey at £10.50 (Boots), it is completely worth it. I'm contemplating buying the compact one for £10.99 so I can always have one with me, this one is a bit too bulky to fit in my handbag?!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Cath Kidston Purse + Free Delivery!


Isn't this the most gorgeous purse you've ever seen?! Because I couldn't wait until Christmas day to open my present from my boyfriend Jason, he let me have it as soon as it arrived at my house :) As you can see the wrapping it came in was absolutely gorgeous, so much so that I can't bring myself to throw it away!

It's made from 100% oilcloth which makes it easy to wipe clean and won't get lots of marks on it from being at the bottom of my bag like the rest of my purses. The design is so sweet, with lots of little birds and flowers all over it. I absolutely love carrying it around with me, which I suppose isn't the safest thing to do!

Inside it has space for 6 cards (Which unfortunately is not enough for me, so I have to double up!) with two big compartments either side for notes or extra cards, and a zip pocket it in the middle for coins. It's spacious enough to fit my iPhone in aswell, which is great as I can have everything I need in one place! The only negative point I have to this is that the inside coin pocket zip obviously moves around so sometimes I have to move it so it doesn't stop the purse from closing.

Although £25 may seem a bit steep for a purse, I think it's worth it just because it's so adorable and practical. I know i'll use it for a long time, and it's square structure is sturdy and gives me plenty of space. I hate purses that are so small that you have to fold notes in half and you cant' find anything! This was originally bought with the limited offer of 30% off all orders so it was actually £26 (The 30% off came off the delivery charge!), but at the moment if you spent over £30 online you get free delivery. Sorted!

Thank you Jason :) xo

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's my birthday today :D

Just getting ready for a 3 hour assessment at uni, then i'm home for two days to enjoy TGI's and Peter Pan at The Mayflower theatre. Oh, and lots of presents means lots of reviews, so everybody wins :)


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Review: OPI's Muppet Collection - Rainbow Connection

The one thing i've been the happiest about by living in Bournemouth is the fact that there's a Sally's just round the corner, with a revolving stand that's taller than me filled with OPI nail polishes. If no one knows about OPI, it's a brand of nail polish that sells to various salons worldwide. It's internationally known, with celebrities such as the Kardashians, Katy Perry and even Justin Bieber (?!?!) releasing limited edition collections.

I was flicking through my October issue of Glamour when I saw that OPI were releasing a limited edition collection of nail polishes inspired by the Muppet Movie. And instantly I was attracted to the brightest, most 'out-there' polish - rainbow glitter. Typical me.
So here's what it looks like on:

As you can see, my nail painting skills aren't perfect, but to be honest i blame the polish. Because it's flecks of glitter and other bits and bobs it's quite difficult to get an even coverage like you would with block colour polish. But to be honest, I don't care - it looks amazing!
It's my 20th birthday next week and i'm having a 90's party - this will look amazing with my union jack dress (Can you guess who i'm being?) The bottle also looks gorgeous; I keep it out on my dressing table just because it's so pretty to look at. Definitely the perfect polish for the festive season!

OPI nail polishes retail for £10.50, but if you aren't as impatient as me I would seriously recommend looking around online - just be careful that you're not buying a fake! Only buy from well trusted sellers.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Decoration Obsession..Continued!

Star decoration, 99p and heart decoration, £2.99 - Sam and Sebastian

I went into town today to get a birthday present for my flatmate, and came across this gorgeous little shop called Sam and Sebastian. As soon as you walk in, you look like you've walked into a country cottage - it's truly gorgeous. All the handmade decorations sold are hung from a tree, with worn white cupboards filled with vintage teapots, homemade candles and personalized bunting. Everything is just so so sweet that I had to take advantage of the individual decorations and pick up a couple. What I like about these is that they are classic. No bulk-purchase of plastic baubles from the local supermarket, these look specially selected for a traditional tree. I'm definately going back and getting myself some gorgeous bunting to hang from my ceiling.

Seriously guys, check out Sam and Sebastian here or find them in the old Bournemouth Arcade.


Hey all,

I know I haven't posted in a while and thanks for the big jump in views of my blog, but i've been really stressed at uni lately so I haven't been able to post anything :( I have loads of things lined up that I want to post, so stay tuned! Should have one or two up by the end of today :)


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Inside my make-up bag!

I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers do this. And i've always found it interesting because obviously we review these products, but how many of them actually make it into our make-up bags? So I thought i'd empty mine out and show you all. Sometimes it changes, depending on the occasion, but this is generally what comes with me whilst travelling back and forth from Bournemouth to Southampton (As it would be impossible to bring all of my makeup back with me, but i'll wait for another post to show you that!). So here's what's inside my make-up bag:

(1) I personally believe that if you're going to spend the money on buying quality makeup, what you carry it in is equally important. That's why I swapped my tiny Clinique freebie makeup bag for the gorgeous Romiley Make Up Bag (Jack Wills,£19). It's spacious and is made of oil cloth, making it easy to wipe clean and protect your make up brushes etc. from gathering bacteria.

(2) For anyone who doesn't know, I consider the carbon footprint of everything I buy and care deeply for the environment. That's why when I had to buy the Ecotools Bamboo Powder Brush (Boots, £9.99). It uses the highly-sustainable bamboo plant for the handle, and recycled aliminium for the ferrule. The synthetic taklon bristles are cruelty free (As opposed to other brands' make-up brushes that use real animal hair?!), and they're super soft so my loose powder glides on evenly.

(3) As i've said before I suffer from oily skin, and it isn't uncommon for makeup to just slip off my face, which prompted me to purchase The Porefessional (Benefit, £23.50). It's a balm that you use to minimise the appearance of pores and leaves your skin smooth and even, ready for makeup application. In personal experience it extends the coverage time of my makeup and the oiliness is gone.

(4) I have a lot of different liquid concealers, but for during the day I really just prefer to wear powder so my skin doesn't feel to heavily covered, which is why Correcteur Mineral (Loreal Paris) goes with me everywhere. I've had it so long I can't remember how much it was, but it was bought in Superdrug at a time when I had hardly any money so I doubt it was more than a few pounds! When using this product, a little goes a long way so it's lasted me ages! It definitely does the job of covering my blemishes and spots, without feeling like it's blocking them like liquids can do.

(5) This is the mother of all mascaras. I cannot get enough of this, and cannot praise it enough. I purchased They're Real! (Benefit, £17.50) about 4 months ago, and I cannot believe that I haven't run out yet as I wear it practically every day. It elongates my lashes like no other mascara has ever done, and the spiked ball at the end of the wall is useful for pulling up individual lashes that you have missed while applying. It really opens my eyes and makes them stand out - Now i'm just waiting for Benefit to bring out different colours so I can buy them all!

(6) Well kept eyebrows have always been a top priority for me. Which is why it's important for me to have a handy eyebrow kit to carry around with me so they're constantly looking their best. Brow Zings (Benefit, £22.50) comes with everything you need for perfect eyebrows: Pigmented wax for shaping, natural shaded powder for darkening, a tiny pair of Tweezerman tweezers, a mirror and both a hard-angle and blending brush. It also comes complete with a lesson of how to use everything, and achieve perfect eyebrows in minutes. This will never leave my makeup bag. Ever.

(7) Blusher is the thing that changes most in my makeup bag. Currently, I have Coralista (Benefit, £23.50), a coral blush that I love wearing when I want people to notice that i'm wearing makeup. It's suttle, but has a slight glow which warms up a pale face like mine! When I want something more natural I switch to Benefit's Dandelion, which is a pale pink. It comes with a compact brush inside, and the newer shades from Benefit also have a mirror on the inside too!

(8) I've reviewed this product before so I won't go into it, but Witch Stick is perfect for calming down the redness of a spot instantly, so it's always handy to have.

(9) I have a never-ending collection of eyeliners, ranging from a 99p pencil from Savers to a £17 kohl crayon from Dior, but this is the eyeliner that can't be beaten in my eyes. Khol & Contour (Bourjois Paris), glides on easily and leaves a jet black line for hours. It goes on thick and easily, so I don't have to spend ages colouring in my eyelids!

(10) I cannot stress how important it is to invest in a decent foundation. Cheaper brands may be better for your bank balance, but they aren't always the best for your skin. I use Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Mac, £18.50) for matte, low coverage that lasts all day. It's light and allows my skin to breath while it covers the redness on my face and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and so smooth it feels as though i've just moisturized.

(11) Liquid eye-liner is only something i've been using in the past few months. I always thought that because I had such small eyes it wouldn't really compliment them by piling on jet-black around my eyes. However, what's amazing about Magic Ink (Benefit, £13) is that the brush is so thin that you don't have to over-do it if you have smaller eyes and eyelids like me. It look me a while to get used to drawing a straight line, but the sleek brush makes it quick easy to line your eyes in one stroke. I'm so glad I tried this product; I can't imagine going without it now!

So, there you go. Those are all my essentials, although I forgot to include any of the lip products I use. At the moment if you must know, i'm using Cherry Carmex because it moisturises my dry lips in the cold weather and smells like sweets :)

I'm constantly on the lookout for amazing products, but these are my makeup staples. What are your beauty essentials?