Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Review: Rimmel 'I <3 Long Lasting' Nail Polish in '270 Hot Shot'

What you will learn from me soon, is that I have a serious addiction to nail polish. I can't go a week without buying at least one new colour to add to my collection. And when I saw the brightest matt pink polish on the bottom shelf of the Rimmel section in Boots, I knew I had to have it.

People refer to this colour as 'Barbie pink', and usually I would object from wearing pink nail varnish and being stereotyped as a girlie girl with pretty pink nails, but to be honest I love the boldness of this colour. The brush isn't anything special, just your standard shape so it takes a couple of strokes to cover the whole nail. However, because it is so bright you only need one coat.

This colour is perfect if you like people taking a second look, and to add extra glam you could add a coat of Bourjois' 1 second Innovation glitter! Just make sure your nails are the same length and well kept, people will see everything with this statement shade.

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