Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Decoration Obsession..Continued!

Star decoration, 99p and heart decoration, £2.99 - Sam and Sebastian

I went into town today to get a birthday present for my flatmate, and came across this gorgeous little shop called Sam and Sebastian. As soon as you walk in, you look like you've walked into a country cottage - it's truly gorgeous. All the handmade decorations sold are hung from a tree, with worn white cupboards filled with vintage teapots, homemade candles and personalized bunting. Everything is just so so sweet that I had to take advantage of the individual decorations and pick up a couple. What I like about these is that they are classic. No bulk-purchase of plastic baubles from the local supermarket, these look specially selected for a traditional tree. I'm definately going back and getting myself some gorgeous bunting to hang from my ceiling.

Seriously guys, check out Sam and Sebastian here or find them in the old Bournemouth Arcade.

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