Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Graduation/ Overall University Experience

So around this time two weeks ago, I graduated university. Surrounded by my friends and family, I awkwardly walked across the stage praying to God that my slightly-too-big right shoe wouldn't fall off. When I did my annual weekend flat clean (Don't make fun, i'm becoming very house-proud since getting my own place!) I finally unpacked my diploma and all the wonderful cards and presents I received from family, and it got me thinking that I should do a post about university. 

To me, university was one of the best and worst experiences of my life. I will say now, if you are a worrier in any way, university will be very difficult for you. I'm not saying you won't get through it, but be prepared to pick up some sort of anxiety or awful habit (I actually got back into my childhood bad habit of pulling my hair out, but that's another post altogether) and spend the majority of the time second-guessing yourself. I now feel sick every time I think about assignment writing and could cry with joy every time I see a status from a current student moaning about their essay or dissertation topic, because I know I never have to do anything like that again. Yes, I know that sounds mean, but I did my time and feel it's my right to be happy that it's over with! 

I started university as one person, and feel like by the time i'd left I was ready to become an adult. That sounds weird to say and if you ask anyone that knows me they'll tell you that the words "I don't want to grow up!" are frequently said by me in any conversation, but really, by the time you get to third year, things will start to die down and you have to start seriously thinking about your future. Everyone's experience is different, but for me I was sick of feeling uncertain and wanted some direction.

Anxiety aside, I definitely think university was one of the best things i've ever done. I've met some incredible friends, experienced living somewhere new, and found out that I could do so much more than I ever thought I could do. The job I have now I would never have got if I hadn't gone to University and I would never have met my future husband. I didn't really come out of my shell until the end of second year, which was unlike me and frankly, a bit of a waste. However, I really feel like everything happens for a reason and that i've closed a really amazing chapter of my life with no regrets. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Top 5 | Red Lipsticks for Very Fair Skin

I never thought I could pull off red lipstick. I remember giving it a go once and ordering one online and when I went in to show my mum she laughed and said it looked like I was covered in blood. I know she was kidding, but since then i'd stay away from them thinking I was too pale and that i'd look stupid. It was only when I started working at Benefit, when experimenting with lip colours became my job that I got a little bit more daring. Since then, a love affair with red lipstick began. I know sometimes when it's hard to find products that suit your skin that trying to experiment can be a little scary, so I thought i'd share with you my top five red lipsticks for very fair skin.

'True Love's Kiss'  - MAC

This is one of my newer lipsticks that got given to me back in July and it's taken me a while to use it, purely because I think the packaging is so pretty I much prefer it to be sat on the shelf looking pretty! It's from MAC's Malificent collection, and is a lovely cherry red with just enough warmth to give my pale skin some needed colour! I love the texture of this product as it's super creamy and it's so pigmented you only need a little to get a full coverage lip. 

'Virgin' Glamore Lipstick - Illamasqua

This is the sheerest red out of the five, and the one you need to have the most patience with to get a good colour pay-off. It got there in the end as you can tell, but this is the red i'd most reach to if I wanted something less dramatic that I could lightly dab onto the lips for more of a stain. One negative I would say about this, and this goes for all Illamasqua lipsticks in general, is that the bullet is so pointed it makes it so difficult to apply, so I would definitely recommend applying with a lip brush or using a really strong microscopic mirror!

'Dangerous' Retro Matte Lipstick - MAC

To be honest, this almost didn't make the cut. I originally wanted to include Benefit's 'Dare Me', but I couldn't find it so this was really my back up. I do like it, but when I look back at pictures of me wearing it it is really bright! However, this is the most daring shade (So 'Dangerous' is probably quite a fitting name, ha ha!) and I do feel quite glam when I wear it. It's more of an orange red, so might not be to everyones taste, but definitely something I grab if a standard red lip just isn't enough!

'Mrs. Mia Wallace' - Urban Decay

This is probably the darkest and most highly-pigmented lipstick I own. Having tried a fair few Urban Decay lipsticks i've learnt that they are amazing for strong colour, and this is no exception. Brought out as part of their limited edition Pulp Fiction collection, this is an amazing blood red that is perfect applied on top of the matching lip liner. It's really hydrating and super glamorous; the glossy finish feels very 1920's! For a full review of this product, check out my post here.

'Ruby Woo' Matte Lipstick - MAC

When I first thought about this post, this was the first product I thought of, as it was the first red lipstick that I felt comfortable wearing. Ruby Woo is loved by many as its universally flattering and extremely long-lasting. Matte lipsticks are brilliant for their fantastic colour pay-off, which generally lasts from morning to night with very little need to touch up. When posting this image underneath 'Mrs. Mia Wallace' it may look a little flat, but I promise that this is a product that every lipstick lover needs in their arsenal.

So there you have it! I've definitely started to become more adventurous when it comes to my lipstick choices - i'm trying so hard not to buy anymore pinks or nude corals! I spent a long time feeling self-conscious about being so pale, but now i've really learnt to embrace it. I've now learnt to ignore those 'What shade looks best on your skin' charts you see on cosmetic counters and in magazines - remember, these are just my favourites and if you like it, wear it whatever the colour!