Friday, 29 August 2014

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection

Well hello there!

Once again, it's been a while. I've been finishing up my time at Good Housekeeping (they asked me to return to help out for another week after my holiday!) and i've come back to Southampton where lots of exciting things have happened. I got engaged, although technically that happened a few days before I left for GH, and was offered a position as Editorial Assistant at Childrensalon. So i've spent the past few days flat-hunting for myself and Rob in Tunbridge Wells, and yesterday I found a flat, which (subject to referencing!) will be mine in a few weeks. So yeah, it's been busy. But now I have a couple of weeks before I start and i've got loads of goodies to blog about - starting with this lot! 

Urban Decay is a brand we all know, but in my opinion, most people just associate it with their Naked palettes. So when I had the chance to try out their new Pulp Fiction collection*, I was excited to see what they had to offer that wasn't from their Naked range. The collection was inspired by Mrs Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, and gives beauty lovers the chance to recreate her edgy look. Consisting of an eyeshadow palette, lip-liner, lipstick, nail polish and glittery eyeliner (Which she didn't actually wear - nice plug, UD!), its got a little bit of everything to commemorate the film's 20th anniversary.

The eyeshadow palette (£17.50) contains five super-pigmented colours, a double-ended brush and a step-by-step guide to achieve Mia's look. As an avid Naked lover, I was excited to try this the most as I knew the quality of the shadows would be amazing.

The packaging is amazing - completely different to any other eyeshadow packaging i've seen. On the front it features the Ezekiel passage, with "Be cool honey bunny" stamped on the back. The inside features some lovely black blood splatters - apparently the blood was originally going to be red, but it was thought to be too gruesome! To be honest, because of the intensity of the outer packaging, the colours were not what I was expecting. However, looking at pictures of Uma Thurman in character, the eye colours are quite similar. 

The lip pencil, appropriately named 'Mrs. Mia Wallace', is a deep blood-red version of their 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils (£13). It's really creamy, highly pigmented and has a gorgeous matte finish once applied all over the lips. I think this is a bit darker than the shade she wore, but it's gorgeous all the same and looks perfect with the matching 'Mrs Mia Wallace' Revolution Lipstick (£15)

I'm annoyed, as in the light the lipstick looks like a burgundy shade but it's really a gorgeous deep red. It's a lovely creamy formula and is entirely waterproof, making it perfect for a night out. 

Wow, my lipstick skills need some serious work! I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest fan on the shape of the bullet, as it made it quite difficult to get precise lines without having to use a lip brush. I can't seem to find mine, so had to make do with what I had. But as you can see, the finish of the lipstick is gorgeous. It transfers a lot - onto glasses, food, Rob's cheek - but it doesn't smudge or lessen the intensity of it. I can't wait to wear this on a night out, or even during the day if i'm feeling particularly daring! I think the classic colour makes it perfect for every skin tone.

I really enjoyed recreating her eye look, as it isn't too crazy and out of my comfort zone. I completely forgot about taking a picture of the step-by-step guide, but to achieve the signature look you begin with 'Righteous' from the lash line to the brow, then apply 'Tyranny' all over the lid. Then apply 'Vengeance' in the outer corner, and use 'Anger' as a soft eyeliner which can be brought out to a wing. Complete the look by applying 'Furious' on the brow bone as a highlight. In hindsight, if a good primer is applied beforehand 'Righteous' isn't really needed, but its nice to use the whole palette. What i'm most impressed with is the eyeliner - I can't believe how easy it was to apply and how highly pigmented it is! If I don't wear the complete look all the time, i'll definitely be using the black shadow as a liner. 

Overall this is an amazing little collection, and even though I didn't get a chance to try it all, if the eye liner and nail colour are half as good as the shadows and lip colour, i'll be happy :) 

You can get your hands on the entire Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection from September 1st.