Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Cath Kidston Purse + Free Delivery!


Isn't this the most gorgeous purse you've ever seen?! Because I couldn't wait until Christmas day to open my present from my boyfriend Jason, he let me have it as soon as it arrived at my house :) As you can see the wrapping it came in was absolutely gorgeous, so much so that I can't bring myself to throw it away!

It's made from 100% oilcloth which makes it easy to wipe clean and won't get lots of marks on it from being at the bottom of my bag like the rest of my purses. The design is so sweet, with lots of little birds and flowers all over it. I absolutely love carrying it around with me, which I suppose isn't the safest thing to do!

Inside it has space for 6 cards (Which unfortunately is not enough for me, so I have to double up!) with two big compartments either side for notes or extra cards, and a zip pocket it in the middle for coins. It's spacious enough to fit my iPhone in aswell, which is great as I can have everything I need in one place! The only negative point I have to this is that the inside coin pocket zip obviously moves around so sometimes I have to move it so it doesn't stop the purse from closing.

Although £25 may seem a bit steep for a purse, I think it's worth it just because it's so adorable and practical. I know i'll use it for a long time, and it's square structure is sturdy and gives me plenty of space. I hate purses that are so small that you have to fold notes in half and you cant' find anything! This was originally bought with the limited offer of 30% off all orders so it was actually £26 (The 30% off came off the delivery charge!), but at the moment if you spent over £30 online you get free delivery. Sorted!

Thank you Jason :) xo

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