Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Review: Bourjois Paris 'Magic Nail Polish Remover'

I've seen photographs of this product everywhere and have been so anxious to get my hands on it! So here's a little review on Bourjois Paris' Magic Nail Polish Remover.

We all know Bourjois as bright and bubbly make up brand that specialise in creating products that 'simplify beauty', which is why I wasn't surprised when they realised a nail polish remover tub that claimed to deliver instant removal. I'm a massive fan of Bourjois. Their 'little round pots' of blush and eyeshadow come in such gorgeous colours, and are so compact which is great for storage. I wanted to test this product ultimately for when I use glitter nail polish. Although wrapping your nails in foil is effective, it is also extremely fiddly and annoying. So I decided to put it to the test.

First off, do not be fooled by the 'Red fruit & Vanilla Fragrance' at the bottom. Yes, there is a scent left on your fingers after usage, but don't do what I did and inhale straight from the pot. It is not good. It smells disgusting and I went dizzy!

The makeup remover is both paraben and acetone free which is always a bonus, so you're not damaging your hands and nails with nasty chemicals. The hot pink pot instructs that all you need to do to remove your nail polish is a quick dip and twist in the sponge.

I tested the remover using Barry M's 'Matte White' followed by OPI's 'Rainbow Connection:



As you can see the nail polish has been removed but the glitter remains. I did remove my nail after 1 second to see if it did remove it, and to be honest only about half of it had been removed. However, I do blame the tough layer of glitter over the top, and after another quick dip and twist the remainder of the polish had vanished. I left my nail to soak for 30 seconds to see if it loosened up the glitter, but sadly it did not. I still had to use a cotton pad and a ton of nail polish remover, which completely defeats the object of the product.

However, it does not say it is recommended for glitter polish. I do also think it would remove fine flecks of glitter, not the large pieces that you can see on my nail. 

For £4.99 it is perfect for quick removal of plain polish. It's easy to use, nice to look at and leaves a citrus fragrance on your nails after completion. I will definitely be using again, but if you're looking for something to remove tough glitter polish, I suggest you stick with the foil.

Bourjois Paris 'Magic Nail Polish Remover' is available from any Bourjois concession stand.


  1. I still can't seem to find this at any of the bourjois counters/stalls! :D xo

  2. I hunted for ages!! I looked in the smaller Superdrug and boots stores around my area but managed to find it in a big Boots in my town centre! The biggest places seem to have it, and for some reason they are stocked with the makeup and not with the other nail polish removers haha! I hope you find it :) x

  3. I love this little tubes for removing nail polishes--they're so easy to use and doesn't make any mess =] I think Sally Hansen has one for gel nails but they work just as well as this one xx

  4. wow! this is cool. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

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    1. No problem, thanks for reading :)