Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review: The Body Shop Earth Lovers 100% Biodegradeable Shower Gel!

The environment has always been a big concern for me, and now that i'm more interested in beauty than I ever was it has become more important than ever that I am still as committed to doing my bit for the planet.

Therefore, when there is an eco-friendly option...for anything really, I definitely take it! Which is exactly why I decided to try The Body Shop's Earth Lovers 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel.
The Body Shop have always prided themselves in being against animal testing, encouraging and supporting fair trade and protecting the planet, but this product is by far their most eco-friendly yet.

The Earth Lovers body cleansing range comes in six different scents:
  • Lemon & Thyme
  • Pear & Lemongrass
  • Apricot & Basil
  • Watermelon & Eucalyptus
  • Cucumber & Mint
  • Unscented (So it's actually 5 scents!)
 As you can see, even the scents are all natural, including herbs which I found quite strange at first. I've smelt each one in the shop, and they smell gorgeous. Not riddled with chemicals or overpowering, just a fresh subtle scent. I decided to try the Lemon & Thyme, only because I was feeling quite citrus-y that day, but I have also tried the watermelon & Eucalyptus and cucumber & mint.

 I love that there is no colour, it only emphasises the fact that the shower gel isn't harmful and you aren't washing your body with chemicals.
The product doesn't contain sulphates, parabens, colourants and is soap free, but it does contain lots of cleansing agents so your skin does have the same outcome. I found that because of this, it doesn't lather up as well as other shower gels, so you have to be a bit more vigorous with the scrubbing in order to create a lather. However, the gorgeous scent is strong enough to linger on your skin way after drying off, but it certainly isn't overpowering.

An added bonus is that because it's quite difficult to lather and 100% biodegradable, the suds disappear quickly from the bottom of the shower, making it easier to clean up at the end - it's also good to know that the suds aren't poisoning the ocean by being riddled with harmful chemicals that cannot be broken down and essentially ruins the sealife.
The lack of chemicals means it doesn't irritate the skin, and can be used on anyone with even the most sensitive skin. I suffer from bad rashes on my legs, and when I used the cooling cucumber & mint, I found that it reduced the redness and soothed my sore skin. You can even use it on babies and small children, because it's so gentle on skin.
After use, you can pop the bottle into the recycling knowing that it will be re-used again and again which is excellent, as many beauty products are simply thrown into a landfill.

It's amazing that you can be contributing so greatly to the protection of the natural environment just by switching to another shower gel, costing just £5 for 250ml.
It is a perfect product for anyone who is concerned for what they use on their skin, and for anyone who simply cares about the future of our environment. Either way, this is a top-quality product without the nasty chemicals.

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