Monday, 14 May 2012

Review: Barry M in Shade 154 - 'Pale Nude'

Barry M is a brand that we all know and love, particularly for their bright and bold nail paints. However, what people seem to look (me being one of them!) is that Barry M also have quite a wide range of other make-up products. After reading about this product on another beauty blog, I decided i'd put Barry M to the test and see if their lipsticks were half as good as their signature nail polishes. I was going to try out a different shade just to try out the lipstick in general, but when I got there this shade stood out to me the most, so I knew I had to have it:

To be honest, the packaging isn't that appealing in comparison to their other products that come in such fun and imaginative colours, which is probably why I never bothered to try anything else of theirs. However, if the lipsticks were displayed on their own, I would really like the matte black with simple gold writing - but a swatch on the lid wouldn't have hurt! It looks a perfectly natural nude with a hint of peach, which is great if you can't pull off a straight-forward nude shade.

 I can't get enough of this shade! It's so matte and is perfect for a subtle hint of colour. I want to purchase a lip pencil in the same colour as I found that I couldn't get the slight outline of my natural lip colour to budge, however I applied it. It makes your lips appear fuller too! It's almost a rival for my 'Innocence, Beware' lipstick from Mac (review here). However, the only downside i'd say is that it doesn't have the most appealing scent. It's smells waxy, and to be honest, quite cheap. But what can you expect for £4.49. Once applied I found it lasted about three hours before I felt like it needed to be topped up, so it's not too bad considering the price.

I'll definitely be trying out a few more of these shades, as well as other products in the Barry M range (accourding to their website, they've just released new blusher shades). 

Shade 154 is available (along with over 30 other shades) from Boots, Superdrug or online here.

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