Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Review: Figs & Rouge 'Rambling Rose 100% Organic Lip, Face & Body Balm'

Over the past 6 months, I have bought and lost over a dozen different lipbalms. I have a section in one of my make-up cases just for different Vaseline and Carmex pots, as I always misplace them in various coat pockets, zip pockets in bags and other places. They seem to be quite an addictive purchase for me, as I love keeping my lips well moisturised and it just becomes habit to apply ton of Vaseline on your lips if a balm is within reach. So I was really happy when I recieved 'Rambling Rose 100% Organic lip, face & body balm' in my latest Glossy Box.

Figs & Rouge are a 100% Organic certified lip balm company, who aim to create products that are completly harmless, chemical free, and still deliver effective moisturising lip products.
The products are not tested on animals, they are made in the UK and are Petroleum free - a feature I was curious about because i've never tried a lip balm that did not contain Petroleum. 

I want to take a moment to admire the packaging. Now, i'm not essentially insulting the tins of other balms such as Vaseline and Carmex, but this tin beats them all. It captures the elegance and style of old Great Britain, and comes with a sort of vintage feel to it.

It smells strange in the tin as it contains no unnatural perfumes, but it has a natural scent that gives you the sense that using the product is not only going to keep your lips nourished and moisturised, but it's actually going to be good for you.
Because the balm is patroleum free, it is a lot easier to apply than other balms. It is softer and easier to blend, so you only need a small amount. By touch, it feels slightly grainy and once it applies I feel that it sinks into your lips and it almost feels like their being moisturised from the inside out.

I'd love to say that you do not have to apply as frequently and as liberally as others, but unfortunately it does not keep your lips moisturised for long. However, i'd give any excuse to flash the gorgeous tin! The natural ingredients also means that it tastes good too! An added bonus - I hate licking your lips and tasting nasty chemicals :(

But the balm is not just for lips. As it says on the tin, it is considered a 'lip, face & body balm'. On the Figs & Rouge website this particular balm is good for moisturising dry patches of skin, as well as the all the balms in general also being recommended as solid perfumes - just apply to your pulse points for an beautiful organic scent. You can read about more the balm's uses here.

So excited about this product! Thank you, Glossy Box!

 You an purchase Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose for £4.99 at your local Boots, Urban Outfitters or

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