Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: Benefit's 'CORALista' Gloss!

I think it's pretty obvious to whoever reads my blog on a regular basis (If not, just take a look at the 'Brands' list on the right nav bar!) that i'm a bit of a Benefit junkie, so this post should have been predicted.

Box blushes are some of Benefit's most iconic products, so there's no doubt that Benefit lovers around the globe jumped for joy when they heard that the brand were releasing six lipglosses to compliment each of their best selling blushes - me being one of them!

If you're one of the few that haven't yet seen the Benefit powders, the six that the Benefit team have chosen to expand into complimentry glosses are: Sugarbomb, Bella BambaCORALista, Hoola, Dandelion and Dallas. Each a star in it's own right, these highly anticipated glosses hit the shelves last week, and when I finally managed to get hold of one on Sunday, some had already sold out completely!

First of all, what I don't understand is why they've chosen to include a gloss for Hoola - as it's primarily a bronzer and not a blush. I also don't understand why they have chosen to use Dallas as one of their 'best-selling' as it isn't in comparison to their Hervana - however, it could be argued that Hervana and Dandelion are quite similar in colouring, so that could be the reason. However, I do have four of the six boxes that they've chosen to create a gloss for, so I can't really complain!

This is how Benefit describe the glosses:
  • Dandelion - Soft pearly pink
  • Dallas - Dusty rose
  • Sugarbomb - Shimmering pinky nude
  • CORALista - Sheer coral
  • Bella Bamba - Sheer bright watermelon
  • Hoola - Shimmering golden nude

Don't they all sound amazing? They are advertised on the Benefit website as a selection of delicious ice-creams, making them all look so irresistible - it's a shame the glosses aren't edible!
 I had originally decided to purchase the Dandelion gloss first, however they were sold out and I was desperate to review it this week, so I went for the CORALista- in hindsight it was actually a better choice as corals are great for the summer season:

Quite obviously, they've kept to the same design as the corresponding boxes (please excuse my shabby blush box, i've had it for a while!) and I love that the design continues on the actual packaging, it allows the personality and individual flair of the gloss come through. The tube is translucent which is always ideal to be able to see how much product you are using, and eliminates the surprise that you've run out just when you need it the most, giving you plenty of time to replenish!

The glosses come in soft tubes with a 'custom-designed' tip for easy application. Although there isn't a lot of difference from other squeezy tube tips it does ease the application process, allowing it to glide on smoothly and luxuriously, relating to the 'ultra plush' description to the product.

Both the blush and gloss are swatched quite heavily as they are both designed to be sheer, but I wanted to show you just how well they compliment each other. There is no doubt that these two products are paired together perfectly and as Benefit say's, it's so easy to pull together your look in minutes by using these two products together. The lip gloss itself is almost in a league of its own purely because it's not sticky. It's a common fact amongst women that we tend to shy away from glosses as they just don't mix with long hair and wind, but with these glosses there's no problem! Obviously it is still a gloss so it won't stay on for a long period of time if you're eating, drinking, kissing etc., but I found that I could go two hours before having to apply it again - not too bad! It's a gorgeously smooth silky formula, which adds just the right amount of colour for that sunkissed day-time look. However, you could always apply it over lipstick to strengthen the shade.

Benefit products are generally quite pricey, but the outstanding quality really does make it worth it. I can't say that i'll go out tomorrow and buy all six, as they are £13.50 each! They're great for people that are regular users of the Benefit box powders, as the catch is that to be able to fully appreciate the product you must also own the box powders, which are £23.50 each (Read my review for Hoola here, and Hervana here!), so it is quite steep. I'm definitely impressed with the quality of the product and I will be purchasing others - just maybe i'll have to wait until my next student loan comes through!

As an added bonus, Benefit gave me a free sample of their bestselling Primer - Porefessional. I could go into this in more detail, but that's for another review! But I love the handy compact size and the 7.5ml has lasted quite a long time! These are available with every Benefit purchase, so if they don't offer - ask!

Click here to visit the Benefit website, and here to view the full range of Benefit glosses.


  1. the gloss is gorgeous! i love the colour it looks so pigmented for a gloss.

  2. I really want to try these glosses.. This shade is beautiful, I also want to try Dandelion xxx

  3. The lipgloss is such a beautiful shade, and it looks so gorgeous with the blush :) xx

  4. i'm also a bit of a benefit junkie, which is sooo bad for my bank balance! hah, those glosses look really gorgeous! I really need to try some of these! :)xo

  5. Tis lipgloss is a gorgeous olour and porefessional is my faourite :)I am having a Real Techniques Stippling Brush GIVEAWAY over on my blog I hope you will take a look :)