Monday, 23 July 2012

Review: Avon 'Super Extend Extreme' Mascara

Oh, how I love a good freebie. And if it so happens to be a makeup product, well that just makes it even better.

 Free with this months Marie Claire magazine is one of three mascaras from popular cosmetics brand, Avon. I will admit, i'd always thought Avon was for older people, purely because i've never really seen it advertised and i'd never heard of anyone my age buying from their local Avon representative - but I am now aware that that is simply not the case.
Avon have been providing a wide range of beauty products to over 100 countries for over 125 years (How many brands can say that?), including skincare, nail polish, beauty tools, and make-up. With these credentials, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on one of the mascaras to see what all the fuss was about!

There were three different mascaras available as a free gift alongside the magazine: Super Shock Max, Super Curlicious and my chosen mascara, Super Extend Extreme. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the packaging before I threw it away, but it illustrated that each mascara had a different purpose: Either thickening, curling or lengthening and I chose lengthening as my eyelashes are naturally tiny.

 Can I just ask, why would someone choose to make the packaging of their product luminous yellow? It might be just me, but I do think that makes it look slightly cheap. However, as each mascara is worth up to £10 I had high hopes for it.

 As you can see, the wand makes the application very messy. It's really big and bulky, and even though the thin neck of the tube removes most of the excess product from the wand, it's not enough to stop the product clumping on your lashes.
I will admit that my top lashes do look slightly longer, I have really small lashes so it does take quite a lot to elongate them, but it hasn't done much to thicken then. It smudged slightly throughout the day, but overall my lashes stayed looking quite reasonable (After cleaning up the mascara around my eyes!).

Overall, I wouldn't have paid the original price of £10 (Although at the moment this particular mascara is on special offer for £3.99, which sounds more like it!). The results weren't anything to get excited about, but I will continue using it whenever I want to keep my makeup simple and natural. I do think this is a great freebie though, and it is worth the £3.70 you would usually be paying for the magazine alone, so it's worthwhile purchasing. I do hope Avon have better quality products online, because at the moment i'm not really won over.

You can purchase Avon 'Super Extend Extreme' and any other of the free mascaras on the Avon website here, or free with August's Marie Claire magazine at your local supermarket or newsagents for £3.70.


  1. This one is reduced to 3.99 in Avon atm, but the other two are still 10 pounds, I think the supershock one is meant to be good :) I've always bought from avon and was a representative for a little bit, some of there products are lush :) gemma xx

    1. Ahh yeah i've just seen that, i'm glad it is because it's definitely not worth £10! Thanks for letting me know :) And good, I won't make my mind up just yet then! xx