Saturday, 21 July 2012

About Me: What's In My Bag

As i'm hoping for your votes for this years Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, i've decided that you guys need to know a bit more about me as a blogger and as a person. I always have a fear that my personality doesn't really shine through with my writing, which I would think would be a common fear for any blogger that doesn't regularly post videos. 

So i've decided to do a series of posts entitled 'About Me' where it will give you an insight into my life. I thought i'd ease in slowly by doing an ever-popular 'What's In My Bag' post. I've said before that us bloggers are nosey, and this applies to what we carry around and what products make it into our bags, so here's what's in mine: 

My bag right now is the Bernie from the Mischa Barton handbag collection. It's absolutely gorgeous and quite possibly my all-time favourite bag. Shockingly enough, at approximately £65 (I bought iit almost two years ago so I can't remember exactly how much I spent) this is the most expensive bag I own. The colour is 'blush', which is basically a beige and it also came in black. It's not this season so I don't know where it would be available to buy, but it's amazing because it stores everything. With two enormous compartments separated by a zip pocket, I use this to carry everything - it's like the bag from Mary Poppins.

My makeup bag is called 'The Romiley' and it was purchased in Jack Wills Covent Garden for £19. I love the signiture pink and navy stripes, and the fact that it was 100% oilcloth so it would be easy to wipe clean was what sold it for me. It's currently on sale for £14, and can be bought online here.

My purse is one of my absolute favourite things ever. It was a christmas present from my boyfriend, and I can't get over how gorgeous it is. I can't imagine wanting another purse, and will continue to use it until it literally falls apart it my hands. I don't exactly know what the actual design is of the purse is, but it's a Zip Wallet from Cath Kidston, and was purchased for £26 (It can be bought here).

As you can see, it has space for 6 cards (Although I tend to double up!), a zip pocket for change, and space either side for notes etc. I don't actually have a driving licence so I always carry around my passport - that's really bad I know. I carry around a lot of cards, the compartment behind my bank card etc. is full of loyalty cards, with the one opposite carrying any notes I have. It's really spacious, and when it's flat and I have only notes in it with no passport it can also carry my iPhone.

This is usually what I carry around with me in my bag, either stored in my makeup bag or in the big zip compartment. I always carry around antibacterial hand gel (Germs are gross, especially on the underground) and a pressed powder that doubles as a concealer (I use Benefit's "Hello Flawless"). I also carry a top up of my lip colour (Today it's Benefit's Coralista gloss and Barry M nude lipstick), eyeliner (Bourjois Khol & Contour) and mascara (Benefit's They're Real). I ensure that I prep my skin and buy products that are long lasting so I don't need to reapply everything halfway through the day.

Everything else is pretty boring, but i'll show you anyway:

My diary goes everywhere with me, I think I got it from WHSmith for a couple of pounds, and I use it to document everything in my life. Along with that, I carry around a packet of paracetamol and Pro-Plus (just incase!), as well as neccessities like tissues and plasters (well in this case, plaster.) and most importantly - my headphones. I feel lost without them, I hate walking around without blasting music from my iPod. I usually carry around a bottle of perfume and my keys too, but for some reason I forgot to put them in the photograph. At the moment i'm carrying Ghost Sweetheart, which is so sweet I can't get enough of it. As well as that, I carry around my lunch and an umbrella, how interesting!

So there you go, I don't have the most interesting of things in my bag, but to be fair who does? Just a little insight into the things I need with me on a daily basis.

Are there any things that you need to with you everyday?

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  1. such a good post, i love a whats in my bag post, im so nosey haha! good luck and love your blog! xxx

    1. So do I, I find them so interesting :D Thanks so much! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I just need the matching bag now haha! :) x