Thursday, 12 July 2012

July Obsession: Skulls and Crosses

I know what you must be thinking, that i've slipped into some dark depression and become obsessed with death and other equally morbid subjects! However, contrary to it being 'summer' in Britain, it seem's that everyone has gone all dark, gloomy and skull & cross mad! I don't really agree with using a religious symbol as a fashion statement, so I am quite cautious with what I wear. I've always been a massive fan of grey and black (Even though my mother say's that grey is the most unflattering colour on girls, which I completely disagree on!) and have had my eye on a pair of biker boots and a leather jacket, so these accessories are perfect. Here are my favourites:

Silver/Crystal Twin Skull Bangle - £160, Alexander McQueen
(Image -
*Yes, I am aware that i'm featuring a designer, but i've become quite obsessed with designer recently,  and there is a Topshop duplicate that comes at a fraction of the price! Approx £10*

3 Skull Knuckle Duster - £7.50, Freedom at Topshop
(Image -
This is a personal favourite of mine, purely because it's one of my newest purchases. Strangly, the skulls actually look quite cute, and although i'm not a fan of the mixed metal it's a great accessory!

Truly Madly Deeply Animal Cross Tee - £28, Urban Outfitters
(Image -
I managed to get my hands on this t-shirt after many months of dabbling whether or not I could justify the splurge. It's been featured on celebs such as Jessie J, Lourdes and X Factor's Amelia Lily, and comes in both white and black - And it's leopard print, amazing.

Minister Tan Suede Cross Boots - £36, Topshop
(Image - 
At last, some colour! (Although they do also come in black) These are effortlessly casual and the gold detail spruses up an otherwise plain pair of shoes.

Black Skull Print Dress - £25, Yumi
(Image -
This is the perfect summer dress, with an edge - a great compromise if you don't want to go too girly this season! It also comes in white, but black is definitely my favourite.

So here you are! Just a few bits that have caught my eye recently, and it seems that more and more designers and high-street brands seem to be channeling their inner goth- and I love it! Have you bought any skull or cross detailed items recently?


  1. You have good taste in jewellery! :) I love the dress, I'm going to have a little look on Yumi right away xxx

    1. Aw thanks! Yeah I know, it's amazing .. it's on my wishlist for payday :D xxx