Thursday, 14 June 2012

Review: 'Plink!' Lustre Lipstick from MAC

I'm back! Things have been really difficult with the lead up to exams, and now they're over I can finally get back to posting regularly - so I thought i'd finally finish the last of my mini MAC haul reviews:

MAC are known for their amazing variety of lipstick shades, so I immediately go to my local store if I ever need a new lip colour.

I chose Plink! to wear as a natural daytime colour when my makeup is minimal.  Described by MAC as a warm seashell pink, this colour is very close to my natural lip shade, giving a long-lasting glossy shine without overdoing it on the colour. Like all MAC lipsticks, the actual bullet has a gorgeous vanilla scent, and the texture is really creamy and moisturising. I used to think that lipsticks were for older women and glosses were for younger, but now i've found that glosses are no match for lipsticks.
 Although glosses give you a (sometimes over the top) shine, lipsticks deliver with a range of amazing colours and the reapplication is far less frequent. I bought this lipstick on the way to a meeting, and I wanted something low-key but yet gave my lips definition - and this was the perfect choice.

The employees at MAC are really helpful. When they aren't so busy (Which is hardly ever, so you have to pick a good time to go in there!) it's great to just say what kind of look you're going for and they select products especially for you and apply them expertly. It's always fun to get your makeup done, and MAC artists are really talented.

As you can see, it's a rosy pink with a slight shimmer, making it a perfect daytime colour or slicked on in the evening to balance out seriously smokey eyes. If i'm ever torn between two shades this is my failsafe colour. I would definitely recommend this shade, and most definitely urge you to take a trip down to your local MAC and at least take advantage of the great customer service and try out a few different colours. As the product is so moisturising, application is quick and easy meaning that it will last you for a long time, and for £13.50 that is a key requirement.

Browse the MAC website for your perfect lip colour here or take a trip down to your local store - trust me, it's worth the splurge.

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  1. I'm just like you, I always thought that lipsticks are aimed for older women, but now I feel like they are for everyone. This colour is on my wishlist. x

  2. i wish there was mac stores near me, it would be so handy! xo

    1. Well my nearest one is half hour away on the train where I go to uni, so I only go when I plan to stock up :P x

  3. Great review :)

    I've actually been lucky enough to win this shade in a competition, I can't wait for it to arrive :D

    Amy x

  4. this is a gorgeous shade!x

  5. This looks such a gorgeous colour! It seems like a perfect daytime shade! xx