Thursday, 14 June 2012

Life Update

This is a personal post, which I do think in order for a blog to succeed (Whether it primarily be fashion and beauty based) there needs to be regular posts allowing people to get to know the blogger, not just read what has made it's way into our wardrobes and make-up bags.

I finished my last exam just yesterday, making our course the last in the University (Apart from post-grad!) to be finished for the year. After having a celebratory Nando's with some of my course mates, I jumped on the train home and finally gathered my thoughts and began to focus on what i'm doing next.

You may know this if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, but if not, i'm about to begin a three-month internship with Luxx magazine at The Times in London. My role will be a general editorial intern, and I will be doing lots of really exciting things during my time there.
The internship starts on the 25th, giving me just over a week to relax and basically have my 'summer'.

I'm partly telling you all this because i'm just so excited that it's all becoming so real, but also so you are aware that there could be significant gaps between posts. I will have free-time in the evenings, but initially I will be busy throughout the day so actually being able to try out new things and blog about them might be tricky, but of course i'm going to try my hardest!

So until I leave i'll be posting every day, (maybe even twice a day if you're lucky ;)) and make sure I schedule some posts for when i'm running around London like a crazy person!

So yeah, that's my life so far.

Sophie x

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  1. congrats on the internship, hope its good! xo

  2. Good Luck with your internship Sophie! :)

    Amy x

  3. Damn, I need to get on the work experience hunt! 3 months at The Times sounds awesome.

    1. Haha yeah it does, let's just hope I don't do anything to mess it up!