Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Muji Make-Up and Beauty Storage

I don't know what it is about us beauty bloggers, but we seem to have such a keen interest in how and where we store our products. Yes, I know that does seem strange, but regardless of how my bedroom looks right now, I love organisation and have about a million different storage boxes with nothing to put in them! So here's my contribution to the beauty storage craze.

After watching various vlog channels, i'd noticed that everyone had these stackable acrylic drawers from Muji, so I thought i'd purchase a few to store my products on my dressing table:

I purchased two 2-drawer acrylic boxes, with a separate acrylic jewellery drawer underneath. What's great about these drawers is that they are stackable, and are available in both wide (25.6cms) and narrow (17.5cm). I decided to purchase the wide just so I can fit more in, and as you can see from my box blush drawer that there's plenty of space! They are fit with sliding drawers with semi-circular gaps so you can open them. Acrylic drawers are perfect for storing make-up, as their easy to wipe clean and the fact that they don't have a felt bottom (Which i've found to be apparant in quite a lot of acrylic storage) means that there's no way that it's going to end up looking dirty from spilled make-up etc. The drawers are perfect for quickly finding particular products, especially my lipsticks where I line them up against the drawer so you can find the shade by reading the shades on the bottom :)

However, the only negative I have on the drawers is that sometimes they jam so it's quite difficult to open and shut them if you open them too far.

Here's the acrylic jewellery case that is perfect for storing all my larger earrings and rings, and it's only slightly larger than the drawers so it can be easily stacked with the rest without looking out of place on my dressing table. The drawers come with adjustable dividers so you can choose the sizes of the different compartments. The drawer is ideal for smaller rings, but if you have a lot of larger cocktail rings I wouldn't rely on this case being a perfect fit for them. I accidentally put one of the larger rings at the back of the drawer so when I went to open it it jammed, so be careful with the sizing.

Muji is perfect for multi-purpose storage, and have lots of different types of storage boxes to suit every need. I have my eye on a few more of the boxes, and want to top it off with one of their boxes with a flip-top lid.

I definitely recommend good storage for your products, that are easy to view, clean, and inexpensive. They're quite sleek and simple, so it's easy on the eyes which is an added bonus! The wide drawers are priced at £10.95 (£7.95 for the narrow drawers) and the jewellery drawer is £11.95.

Click here to visit the Muji website and find the storage that's right for you.

What do you use to store your beauty items?


  1. I'm thinking of getting something like this to organize my makeup mess!

  2. its so lovely and organised! i've seen these on so many makeup collections so i really am thinking of getting them! xo


    1. They are so worth it! I'm buying more as soon as I get the chance :) x

  3. This is a great idea and currently puts my storage to shame! I have items dotted all over the place :/

    I've nominated you for a little award, take a look on my site if you're interested.

    Amy :) xx

  4. I like those drawers! I've seen a few people use them but never known where to get them from. Thanks for linking!

    I've just found you on bloggers, I'm following you :)

    Hope you can take a minute to check out my blog, maybe follow me back?

    Laura xx