Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Review: Benefit's Hoola Bronzer

I always thought a bronzer was for someone who was already mega tanned or olive skinned or darker, so I never considered trying it. However, I couldn't help being curious after Benefit's Hoola was named one of the UK's top selling bronzers, and one of the products Benefit is most proud of - so I thought i'd ask to try some on! I was so surprised at how well it suited me I knew I had to buy it!

One common misconception about bronzer is that it only suits people with dark or tanned skin. That is not true. Bronzer works for everyone, it all depends on how little you use and how well you blend it in. People tend to over-do it on bronzer, forgetting that it is suppose to sculpt your cheekbones and contour your face, not appear as a distinct muddy brown stripe across your face. Used beneath the right blush, and finished off with the right highlighter, a bronzer is all you need to achieve a gorgeous, healthy glow - as well as 'supermodel cheekbones'!

 As far as I am aware, Hoola has been around since 2009 (Although it could be even longer!) and the gorgeous maroon and powder blue packaging has remained the same. Although the design of the box has changed, replacing the detachable lid with a hinged one that opens to reveal a small mirror.

Hoola is a lovely matte bronze shade, with no added shimmer or sparkle - making it perfect for someone who simply wants a natural looking tan without all the unnecessary extras that draw attention to the fact that you're wearing bronzer.

Like all Benefit box powders, they are accompanied by a small flat brush. It's an average quality brush that's okay to use with a blush if you're applying on-the-go, but it definitely isn't the right brush for a bronzer. It's covers a much wider surface area than necessary, and doesn't enable you to contour and blend effectively, so I simply use an angled blush brush (Preferably a super-soft one - I use Models Own - so it's even easier to blend quite vigorously!).

I've swatched it quite heavily so you can see the colour better against my pale skin, so don't be alarmed at how dark it looks! As you can see, it's as matte as it looks in the pan and it sort of makes half my hand look as though it's been out in the sun for too long. 

As i've got pale skin, I simply tap my brush into the powder gently (I cannot emphasise this enough!!) two or three times and then tap off the excess. The amount you use is obviously determined by your skin tone, but definitely do not swirl the brush around the pan and cover the entire brush. You then find the hollow of your cheekbone and apply with downwards strokes following that line (Make sure you don't go as far down as your mouth!). Then, brush off the remaining product from the brush onto a tissue - i'm sometimes use my leg because i'm too lazy to grab one, oops - and blend so a shadow is created and there's no visible line between the bronzer and blush. You can contour further by applying along the jawline, across the edges of the temples and down the sides of your nose - wherever you want a shadow. It actually makes your jaw look more defined and it personally makes my face look slimmer!

I love pairing mine with Benefit's Sugerbomb blush on the apples of my cheeks. It gives a beautiful sun-kissed look that doesn't leave your face appearing a darker shade to the rest of your body.
This is such a great staple product, not just for the summer-time. But what I love about this the most is that at first glance it's quite intimidating if you have lighter skin, but with proper application and a good blush brush it really is versatile and suits everyone. At £23.50 (The standard price for all Benefit box powders) it could seem quite steep, but considering the tiny amount that is needed for each application, it really will last for ages! I can definitely see why this bronzer is one of the best the beauty world has to offer.

You can purchase Hoola bronzer here or at your local Benefit counter.


  1. really want to try this! xx


  2. i'm pale but love a bit of bronzer! Benefit are really impressing me atm, i've just reviewed a few of their things. Need to add hoola to the shopping list! x