Thursday, 7 June 2012

Get a free Graze box with Glamour!

Who doesn't like free food?!

I've seen quite a lot of blog posts about the Benefit freebies that have come with this months Glamour magazine (Which are amazing and extremely generous, by the way!) but what people have seemed to overlook is the free Graze box offer that's hidden between the pages.

Graze is a company that delivers a selection of delicious healthy snacks to your door either weekly or fortnightly, with the contents determined by either selecting 'Bin' 'Try' 'Like' or "Love' on the 100 nutritious snacks featured on their website.

I previously had a Graze account for over a year, but decided to cancel because I kept forgetting to eat the fresh snacks and they were going past their 'best before' date, so I thought i'd cancel for a while .. but i'm now tempted to start my account back up again!

The delicious selection of snacks fall under the following headings:
  • Dips & Dippers (E.g.: Honey and lemon oatbakes & bramley apple and pear chutney with roasted poppy seed flatbread)
  • Guilt-free high tea and a small cake slice (E.g.: Carrot cake & lemon and poppy slice, each accompanied with a sachet of afternoon tea)
  • Rustic marble bread & Deli topped foccacia bread (E.g.: Smoked paprika, garlic and thyme marble bread)
  • Crackers (Selections of oriental crackers, rice crackers and beans) 
  • Flapjacks (E.g.: Honeycomb & orange and ginger) 
  • Olives (Chili and Garlic & Fresh basil and garlic) 
  • Natural Treats (Nuts and seed selections with added chocolate drops and various dried and yoghurt coated fruits fruits) 
  • Dried fruit and nut mixes
  • Nuts (E.g.: Chilli and lime pistachios & fennel seed and honey peanuts)
  • Dried fruit (E.g.: 'Pina Colada' - pineapple, coconut flakes and mango)
  • Seeds (E.g.: Savoury roasted and vanilla)
It's amazing how much selection there is, and some of the food looks so mouth-wateringly good!

So you can essentially hand pick the snacks you'd like to see, but have the added surprise of not knowing exactly what you'll get (But there is an added option to send a particular item in your next box, or even bin it altogether so you'll never see it again!). Each box has four different snacks in it, so you get a good selection for £3.79 per box. It's really not a bad price considering on how much you'd usually spend snacking in between meals.

Annoyingly, in order to receive the free box you do have to input card details, but you can simply cancel after the box has been delivered via royal mail on the day of your choice - there's no obligation to stay, simple (But do check the T&C's for exact cut off time for cancellations!).

So if you haven't already bought this months Glamour mag, I sincerely hope you do (Or you might just be cheeky and zoom in on the picture, but that's naughty!) because this is such a good offer, and if you're satisfied with your free box the offer actually extends so you get your next box for half price.

Mine will be with me on Tuesday :) Enjoy!

Click here to visit the Graze website.


  1. im going to have to avail of this :D xx

  2. i didn't know about this, now i'am definitely getting it! Thank you sophie :) x