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Review: Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pamper Pack

Vegetarian, all-natural face-mask and skincare brand Montagne Jeunesse are proud to present their new Travel Pamper Pack. Filled with 6 treatments for all over the body, this pack has been designed to fit nicely in your hand-luggage so you can pamper yourself either before or during you travels. Montagne Jeunesse were kind enough to send me one of their packs to try out, and I couldn't wait to indulge in some gorgeously natural and fruity treatments.

The pack comes in a small cardboard folder, so you can easily flip through the treatment sachets and tear out your chosen one, and use the little tab to keep the pack closed when it's tucked away. Here's what's inside:

Juicy Orange Body Wash

I'm not a great fan of orange scented products, because to me they always seem quite fake and you can almost smell the chemicals through them. However, with this product I couldn't get enough! It lathered really easily, and there was certainly enough to cover my whole body. I've found with many body washes that the scent doesn't stay on the skin for very long after drying, but once i'd finished my shower and went downstairs everyone commented on how fruity I smelt! The fresh fragrance adds to the feeling of cleanliness and relaxation, and the fact that there's two means you get two opportunities to indulge in orang-ey goodness!

Intensive Spa Repairing & Conditioning Hair Masque

Packed with the juices of grapefruit, orange, and lemon, and finished with lime oil, this intense conditioning treatment aims to revive dull, lifeless hair and leave it super smooth and nourished.
The quantity of product in the packet was enough to cover my hair, but I think if my hair was any longer I would have needed two packs. The woman on the front of the packet must of at least had two packets on to be able to have that amount of coverage, because my hair certainly didn't look like that!

The fruity fragrance was a perfect fit with the idea of using the mask after a holiday, and it didn't fade after drying my hair either. It certainly felt softer after usage which makes a change as my hair can get really dry and dull quite quickly. I personally think it's a product I was use for the scent rather than the actual conditioning results, as it works just as well as any other conditioner. It certainly does the job, but I wasn't blown away by the end result.

Pulped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off Mask

I'm always quite hesitant when it comes to peel off masks, just because they're incredibly messy. However, I was instantly enticed by the long list of berries that are packed into this mask that I knew would make it smell so delicious and too good to resist. Crushed raspberries, grapes, and cranberries are high in antioxidents which help to deep cleanse your skin. With added pulped pomegranate and passion flower, I can honestly say that it smells amazing.

It has the consistency of hair gel, and is bubblegum pink! It's quite easy to apply, and has an instant cooling effect on the skin. Do ensure that you apply a thin even layer, avoiding the eye area and hair at all costs (I accidently got some on the baby hair on my temples, and it really hurt trying to get it out without ripping the hair out completely!), as it will make it much easier to set and peel off.
It instructs to cleanse your face before application, and once applied leave for 15-20 minutes. I decided to leave for twenty as I loved how relaxing it felt. However, when it came to peel off the mask, i'd found that only half of it had set so I would suggest leaving it for twenty-five. It's quite fiddly to remove as it doesn't peel off cleanly, but i'm really impressed with the end result. It aims to purify and deep cleanse, and afterwards I felt really fresh and my face felt so smooth and moisturised.

It seems a bit much to have to wait 25 minutes, but it's a great mask if you want to rejuvinate your skin after a hard week or just fancy a pamper!

Skin Smoother

This was by far my favourite product. A seriously fruity scrub that contains large grains to gently massage away at the dead skin, revealing the new silky smooth skin underneath. It advises to use on the areas where hard skin is usually found: The feet, elbows and knees. I paid particular attention to those areas but I used it as an all over body scrub. The front image of the packet shows the scrub being used as a intensive face mask, but I think it's much too thick and harsh to be used on the face. Jam packed with apricot and mango (It smells more of apricot during application, but mango after I dried off!) it smells ah-mazing - it takes me right back to memories of a cocktail on a beach!

Foot Cooler

Foot coolers are something I use quite regularly recently, as i'm on my feet a lot at work and they tend to ache quite easily, and what I found strange about this product is that after application, it claims to dry as a powder so there's no need to wash off. Packed with cooling peppermint, the gel is massaged into towel dried feet until most of it has disappeared. However, I found that it didn't do a lot apart from moisturise them, and I found that the gel wouldn't dry and that I needed a towel to remove it all!
However, once I finally sat down and relaxed I found that my feet hurt considerably less and the cooling sensation made them feel really clean and rejuvenated after a long day at work.

All this for £5! What an absolute bargain. I would definitely purchase some of these products individually, so to get them all in one pack would be such a great indulgent treat after a long day. I would have really liked to have some of these products with me while I was on holiday, as walking around barefoot all day really takes it tole on my feet, and sea water leaves my hair in terrible condition!

I'll be buying this again for sure, as overall I liked the results! Click here to visit the Montagne Jeunesse website, the pack is available to purchase from the site NOW.

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  1. foot coolers are something i never heard of! I hate the smell of orange scented products too, they make me feel ill! xo