Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: MAC Clear Brow Set

I recently read somewhere that in order to achieve that 'fresh-faced, all-natural' look, you would need a clear brow gel, and since then i've been on the hunt to purchase one to see if this was infact true.
It's no secret that i'm an eyebrow girl, and I love anything that gives them definition and that perfect arch. However, I also love the natural look and there are times where I go out completely make-up free so I don't become reliant on my products. So when I saw that MAC did infact stock brow gel, I jumped at the chance to give it a go.

For anyone who hasn't heard of brow gel, it's a brush-on gel that holds hairs in place, adding shine in the process (Think of it as a setting powder for the brows!). MAC currently stock three different shades: Beguile (Full bodied taupe), Show Off (Rich brown) and clear. Now I wasn't aware that gels came in shades and instantly went for the clear but I am curious about how it compares to other brow products i'm a fan of.

The product comes in a tube, with a simple mascara wand for application. It doesn't really have a strong scent, but has a slight cooling element to it, making it feel refreshing on your skin.

This product is perfect if you have quite unruley brows, but it's generally great for anyone that doesn't want a single hair out of place throughout the day. I'll have to admit, for me it's not a necessity - but it's always good to have a great finish on eyebrows. The one thing I dislike is that the clear product has eventually turned a murky brown colour due to the eyebrow pencil I use to fill them in, but I suppose that is unavoidable and doesn't affect the quality of the product - it's just not as aesthetically pleasing as it is in the picture above.

I've also found this product to be quite versatile, by being able to tame flyaway hairs while in a high pony or a bun - it's great to use the wand just to gently slick back the hairs. There is also an option of going for a more high-fashion look by using the gel to comb the eyebrows upwards (if anyone is daring enough!),m as well as using it on your lashes to set your mascara. Overall this product is great for gaining a more polished look to your brows, giving them a more defined shape - but for £12.50 it won't be something i'll desperately run out and buy after i've run out. It just seems that for me personally my brows do quite well without them, and there isn't that much of a noticeable difference for me to feel the need to reach for it every day.

You can purchase MAC Clear Brow Set for £12.50 online HERE or at your local MAC counter.

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  1. Great review, i use the ELF version of this :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. why not try the MUA clear mascara? its only £1 and I've heard good things about it! x

  3. Hey Sophie, great post. I'm the same as you in that I'm obsessed with perfect arches! A great product I found recently for brows is called 'Arch Angel' from MeMeMe Cosmetics. It's a tinted brow mascara at one end, and a highlighting cream at the other! I love it, and boy does it hold all day...the only issue I see is that it only comes in dark brown at the moment, I'd love them do to a clear version! I reviewed it here: