Friday, 14 September 2012

My Brow Essentials!

I've been going au naturel lately (don't ask me why) and wearing practically nothing except primer, a sweep of mascara and a tinted lip balm. However, come rain or shine I never skimp on my brows - they seem to complete my look whatever i'm wearing that day - so I thought i'd share with you my day and night brow products and the extra bits I use to keep them in the best condition possible.

MAC Brow Pencil in 'Lingering'
This is the product that I use practically on a daily basis. In my opinion a brow pencil gives a more natural finish as oppose to using an angled brush, as it allows you to simply fill your brows, following their natural shape. I've never been a great artist, so it's practically impossible for me to angle off my brows like I would do with an angled brush, but it's great for during the day when you don't want to draw attention to overally strong brows. What I find great about pencil is that it's incredible soft and easy to build, which is great if you accidently smudge it or accidently line your eyelid - just simply wipe away with your finger and start again. It's quite lengthly so it's easy to grip and basically use like a regular pencil, there's nothing worse than a sharpened down pencil eyeliner or brow pencil that's been sharpened so much it's barely useable as it's practically a stub!

(I know that isn't me, it's my little sister but I just wanted to give you the gist of what my brows look like whilst using Brow Zings!)

(Sorry about the bad condition of this, I use it all the time!!) This little box of tricks is my faithful best friend on every night out, special occasion, or on the days where I want to direct the attention away from any blemishes to my brows. Brow-Zings has been a bestselling product from beauty giants Benefit for many years, and comes with everything you need for perfectly groomed brows. A pigmented wax for shaping, a powder for setting, hard-angle and blending brushes and a mini pair of Tweezerman tweezers (Possibly the Queen of Tweezers, which are usually priced between £20-£25 alone!). Although powder is great (Sort of an in-pan equivelent to the soft brow pencil), the wax is perfect for sharply defining brows, and you can use the hard angle brush to mark the angles of your brows for even more detailed definition. However, with a wax it's easy to get carried away and go too dark, which is why I think it suits more at night when you tend to apply more makeup.

MAC Brow Set - Use to set the brows, keep them in shape all day or even push up the hairs for a 'high fashion' feel. Full review here.
Tweezers - Although in the evenings I tend to use my mini Tweezerman tweezers, when my brows need more attention I use my full length tweezers from quirky London shop Octopus - I forgot to take a pic but they are in the shape of a woman!
Brow/Lash comb - An essential for when you need to comb down those brows before application, and also great to rid of excess product if you've accidently applied too much pencil - just run the comb through a few times a wipe off on a tissue or wipe. Sorted!
High Brow/A Highlighter shadow - To accentuate the brows, lift them and brighten your eyes.

So there you go, my essential products for perfect brows!


  1. Great post, i love brows and i tend to use my sleek brow kit everyday!

    Sophierosehearts x

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