Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mark Hill 'Vava Voom' Volumising Blow Dry Mousse

Ever since i've been in London, i've become quite obsessed with changing my hair. I've always had it styled exactly the same: side fringe, layers and poker straight. However, since my side fringe started growing out i've decided to have a centre parting and start working on making my hair thicker and generally have a lot more volume! 

Mark Hill 'Vava Voom' is part of the Mark Hill Love Big Hair range, aiming to add body, volume and bounce to your hair.  A volumising mousse is one of the foundation products for achieving bouncier locks, due to it being so simple to apply, its versatility and is generally quite inexpensive for the results you can achieve.

When I first applied the mousse, I was hesitant as to how much the product would expand in my hand, so getting the perfect amount took a bit longer! I could rub it in both my hands with ease and apply evenly through damp hair without leaving my hands feeling sticky. As you can see, one pump distributed a reasonable amount of product which I found perfect for my mid-length hair. It's got quite a fresh fragrance, but didn't weaken the scent of my shampoo and conditioner.
I applied throughout the lengths of my towel-dried hair, paying particular attention to the root, and then tipped my head upside down and blow-dried.

When I lifted my head up after drying, it looked like i'd been electricuted - volume wasn't the word. My hair had been lifted at least 3-4cm, and I loved it. Even when I wanted to wear my hair straight, the extra lift gave a completely different finish to my regular style. I was seriously blown away by it. However, I have a feeling that i'm going to be constantly on the lookout for the product that gives me the most lift and I know there will be better ones out there. But for £5.99, it's incredible. It really does lift your hair from the root, making my limp hair look like i've just had a professional blow-dry. However, I saw no difference in my hair when I left it to dry naturally, so ensure that you blow-dry it to activate the mousse. I was afraid it would make my hair greasy, but ensuring that it was properly distributed and rubbed in that did not happen. I now use this product after every shower as it does everything it says in the bottle: Gives my hair bounce, versatility and reduces the need to pay over the odds for a professional blow-dry!

You can purchase Mark Hill 'Vava Voom' Volumising Blow Dry Mousse for £5.99 at your local Boots or Superdrug or online here.


  1. Might have to recommend this to my friend she's been looking for something to help with volume (my hair is somewhat wild so doesnt need any help) its quite affordable as well :)

    1. Haha sometimes I wish my hair was completely wild, might have a bit more fun with it! x

  2. WOW this looks amazing, it is definitely on my shopping list now :)

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