Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sparkly Barbie-esque tips + Uni update!

Hello all!
I've realised I haven't posted in a few days and it's been a target of mine to post at least once every two to three days. However, i've recently had a lot of university assignments to prepare for (With one being assessed tomorrow in front of a group and two lecturers, scary!) I've also worked over the weekend and went to a press launch of 'How do you solve a problem like Maria' winner Connie Fisher's new show 'Wonderful Town' at the Mayflower Theatre.

I do promise I will have some posts up by next week, as I have a package from Temporary Secretary to look forward to when I get back to Bournemouth tomorrow, and a couple of makeup and face mask reviews!

For now, I wanted to show you my latest nail polish choice:

I've gone for sparkly Barbie-esque pink! I realise that the tips look absolutely huge and even though they've always been this size they look really big! But I love them! They have flecks of pink glitter underneath the acrylic and look gorgeous when they catch the light. It hurt quite a bit when she was putting on the acrylic because she had to file down the layers on the tips so that the pink sparkly acrylic was even.. it felt like my fingers were on fire :(

I'm stuck at what to do with them next time .. I might leave them plain so I can go to London and get my nails done at Wah nails!

Hope you've all had a great weekend, and keep those page views coming .. Sophie Says is well on it's way to 3,000 views :)


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  1. Very colourful, I love pink! Hope your package delivery is fab! Good luck with your presentation tomorrow :)