Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February Obsession: Skater dresses!

Hi all :)

Hope your Monday wasn't too depressing, but it's now Tuesday which means ..... three days until the weekend begins!

I've wanted to do this post for a long time, but wanted enough images to be able to balance out what i'm writing. I don't know about you, but trying to squeeze my body into a tight bodycon or mini-skirt is near enough impossible and it is frustrating when it seems that everywhere you look you're faced with people wearing lacy leotards over the top of what looks like a bra and pants. I cannot do that. I was born with big hips and I am a natural hourglass shape, so i'm so thrilled that i've found a style of dress that's so flattering for my type of figure.

Skater dresses are gorgeously simple, structured up top teamed with (usually) pleated a-line style bottom, divided by a chic skinny belt that cinches in at the waist. One of the perks of being an hourglass shape I have found, is that we do actually have skinny waists but they are just unseen due to the more shapely parts of our bodies.

So here are my selection of skater dresses:

I bought this at a concession in New Look for £19.99, and it is by far my favourite dress. I love the contrasting colours and the mesh on the top is on-trend for this season. The black waistband is quite tight meaning that the pleated bottom kicks right out, skimming just over my hips.

First of all, I want to apologise for how horrible I look in this picture. This was taken at my older sisters graduation and I kept laughing when people were asking me to pose (I'm not the most comfortable person infront of the camera!). This gorgeous skater dress is amazing purely because it's leopard print. It was purchased from boohoo.com for approx £20 (This exact design isn't on the site anymore, but there are similar ones at the same price!) This print proved popular at LFW earlier this month, and having the print on a skater dress is great if you're not confident enough to sport something a bit more quirky like leopard print leggings. I teamed it with a black blazer and flats so it wasn't too dressy. The thick material of skater dresses are great for the winter months, and it also prevents the chance of your dress flying up in high winds!

Photograph taken from boohoo.com

This is the latest addition to my skater dress collection. I wanted to purchase this after seeing a number of people around my university wearing dresses similar to these, along with leather jackets and flats. I love the mocha colour, it's a simple garment that is so versitile. It can be worn both during the day, in the evening or whether you're going out at night! And at a bargain price of £15 at boohoo.com, i'm definitely going to be purchasing more (This particular dress comes in 15 different colours!).

I'm really happy that i've found a style of dress that is both flattering and slimming. It hides my unwanted curves and really draws attention to the waist, distracting attention away from areas of your body you aren't as comfortable with.

Boohoo.com is definitely the best site to use, however New Look have a few pretty designs. Happy shopping! 

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