Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February Obsession: Temporary Secretary!

Oh, how I needed this today!
Nothing can cheer me up more than walking into my flat and seeing a package for me on the kitchen table. Especially knowing that it won't be my external hard-drive (Imagine my disappoint when I ripped open the packaging only to reveal an instruction booklet and a bright red portable drive, and not my gorgeous jewellery!).

Last week, after about a month of scrolling through the cutest collection of jewellery I have possibly ever seen on Temporary Secretary, I caved and went a bit crazy on products.

Temporary Secretary is a website selling kitsch and handmade jewellery. I heard about it through other random blogs and never realised that I had actually been following the Temporary Secretary blog for a while and silly me didn't piece the two together. It's becoming increasingly popular in the press, appearing in magazines such as Look and Fabulous and they have even collaborated with Hero & Cape to create a t-shirt for their newest collection.

The thing is about this site, is that there is just too much I want. So when I saw that they offered either a £10 for 5 item lucky dip (Worth £25!) or a £20 for 12 item lucky dip (Worth £50+), realistically I had to get the £20 one - Who can resist a saving of £30?
The items are a mixture of all the jewellery they offer, but you have the option of choosing not to include earrings in your lucky dip if you do not have pierced ears.

So here's my lucky dip package:

 Because it came in a cardboard box covered in 'Fragile' tape, I expected the contents to just fall out onto my bed. However, in typical Temporary Secretary fashion the package was as neat and pretty as the website itself. I had tweeted about how much I wanted a typewriter ring in my package, as it had been my favourite item on the site, and Temporary Secretary herself quickly tweeted me back saying she'd ensure that the ring was included :) I let her choose the number on the ring (You have to have some surprises!), so I thought it was a really great touch to add a handwritten card in with the package.
Here's what I had inside:

 It's almost as if they know me personally! I love wearing rings and if you've looked at my October Obsession post you'd know that I love animal rings. I also really like leopard print (I'm wearing a leopard print jumper as we speak!) and the pink cocktail ring matches my new nails perfectly! She also delivered on the typewriter ring, and the choice of the number 3 was perfect! I need a bit of luck these days :)
This bracelet is so sweet! It features a diamante studded donut and iced bun, and comes with a safety chain which is always a bonus. The earrings are a good choice as well, they're subtle and elegant. Now I just need to shrink my flesh tunnel down so I can actually fit them in my ears!

The items I am most surprised about are the necklaces. On the site they retail at up to £10 each, so I can't believe how much of a saving I made! My personal favourite has to be the Alice in Wonderland necklace, it reminds me a lot of Gwen Stefani's harajuku dolls.

They're all generally well made (One of the necklace chains came apart due to a loose clasp that I need to clamp together tighter) and excellent value.

It's no wonder that Temporary Secretary is so popular, the entire process made me feel my business was extremely important and that all my needs were met. I'll definitely be purchasing some birthday presents and goodies for myself from there again, without a doubt!

Oh yeah, here's a picture of the ring i'm wearing today:



  1. Aw, Sophie! This is the nicest post ever, thank you so much. I am really pleased you like it, and you're right, we are a company that really cares and appreciates all our customers! I hope the lucky "3" ring brings you luck. Ever since i was little and I was in primary school, it had been my lucky number, I dont remember why now but it has always stuck with me! Thanks so much for being an AWESOME customer. Lots of love xxxxxxxx

  2. Ow how cute is that bracelet?
    Love Temp Sec, she's such a lovely girl and has some really amazing stuff on her site!
    I never realised she did a lucky dip, you made such a saving!
    Lovely post :)

    Marie x

  3. think I'll have to get me a lucky dip bag on pay day now!

  4. Been looking forward to seeing what was in your package & am loving this! Think it's really kinda vintage kitsch (which I like) & lucky dips is a great idea! Love the pink ring & leopard print one :) Number 3 is my lucky number too :) x