Monday, 13 February 2012

Review: 'I love...Juiced up blackcurrent' bubble bath & shower creme!

I love... Cosmetics are a budget brand of fruit fragranced products that range from bubble bath to scented candles.
Since their creation in 2008, I love...  are internationally renowned for their delicious scents and bright colours that aim to "generate a pure feel good factor and a sense of pure happiness".
That is precisely why I was so excited to try their newest addition: Limited Edition I love...juiced up blackcurrant bubble bath & shower creme.

Not only does it contain one of my favourite scents, it's also my favourite colour which is an added bonus:

I cannot get enough of this packaging. The bottle is a gorgeous shape, and the transparency shows off a luxurious purple colour. It's simple, concise and I love the description!

As I have said before, I love... products are reasonably inexpensive and this limited edition bottle is no exception. You can buy 500ml for only £2.05 - What a bargain!

What I think is great about this product is that it is both a bubble bath and shower creme, so there's even more value for money! As i've had a pretty hectic schedule lately, I decided to try it out as a shower creme. I found that I only needed a small amount, and lathered up extremely easily when using a shower puff. Literally as soon as I opened the bottle I was hit with a sweet smelling scent of blackcurrent's (Which is as close to fruit as i've been for a long time due to my student shopping budget!) and got out of the shower smelling like a Rowntree's Fruit Pastille!

If you're like me and a sucker for something with a strong scent, this is definitely for you. It's excellent value for the amount .. my mouths watering just thinking about it! A must buy for anyone who wants their day brightened as soon as they step into the shower - and it looks great on your bathroom shelf!

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