Friday, 3 February 2012

February Obsession: Chiffon Shirts!

I noticed I haven't done a fashion post in a while, as well as an 'obsession' post, so I thought today would be appropriate after I spent far too much money buying chiffon shirts! 
A question often asked to people that are interested in fashion is "Where do you find your inspiration?", and I came to realise that my inspiration is found by people watching. This may come across creepy to some people, and I do admit that sometimes I get odd looks as it looks like i'm simply staring at someone, but i'm actually just admiring and trying to work out how their style could apply to mine. 

On the bus to university last week I saw a girl who wore a smart tailored blazer with a beige chiffon pussybow blouse, and since then i've noticed nothing but chiffon shirts and dresses in practically every shop I go in. I finally caved and bought these: 

(1) Black safari shirt - £14.99
(2) Village print sleeveless chiffon shirt - £16.99
Both New Look

*Images from* 

I also bought a long sleeved cream shirt for £11.99 from H&M, but haven't managed to find a picture on the website. I love the double breast pockets on the safari shirt but it's the village print shirt that I can't get enough of! Not only does it feature a cute kitsch print, it also ties in well with this seasons pretty pastel trend. I wore it this evening with a contrasting black blazer, leggings and brown boots. They're definitely worth the money, and currently New Look are running a 20% off sale for students!
Here are some others that will shortly be making their way into my wardrobe:

(1) Bird Wire Top - £19.99, Miso for Republic
(2) Chiffon Shirt Dress - £24.99, New Look
(3) Motel Laurel Tarten Chiffon Shirt - £28.50, Motel Rocks
(4) Slit Back Chiffon Shirt - £36, Topshop 

Either worn bravely unbuttoned with a bandeau top underneath, or layered on top of a strap-top or vest if you're like me and don't like showing too much skin. If it features a drop hem it can be worn dressed down with leggings and boots, or dressed up with a high-waisted skirt or shorts and heels. I especially love the tarten print - I certainly haven't seen that before! 

These are perfect wardrobe staples for the spring time, just make sure you layer up in this cold weather, the floaty material will not keep the heat in!

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