Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Set

I've had my eye on Clinique Chubby Sticks for a long time, but if i'm honest they never really appealed to me enough to take the plunge. Not because they weren't going to achieve spectacular results, but practically straight after the release, handfuls of high-street brands were offering similar versions for a fraction of the price (I'm a student, what do you expect?).

However, when Christmas time rolls around you can get away with splurging a little, which in my case resulted in this gorgeous Clinique Chubby Stick Set*.

The set features five smaller versions of the iconic moisturising lip colour balms in a variety of their best selling shades. As you can see, there seems to be a colour for every occasion, although each box does seem to vary with one or two shades. Each stick weighs in at 1.2g as opposed to the full-sized 3g, and although this seems like a significant amount these sticks are the perfect size for slipping into an evening clutch bag. Designed with a pencil-style applicator, this enables precise application, along with convenience of gliding onto the lip quickly whilst on the move without a mirror. So without further ado, here's the verdict on these highly commended shades:

 Cheeky Cherry
This is a great shade for someone who isn't adventurous enough to wear red lipstick, as it may seem quite light when pictured but it's actually a lot brighter. This is probably the most surprising shade for me, as I didn't think i'd wear something so intense. You don't need to use a lot of product to achieve this level of colour, and due to the glossy finish its suitable for both day and night

 Richer Raisin
This is the most deceiving of the shades, not for the fact that I don't like it, but it's so different from the shade on the outside of the actual stick. I do prefer it because its generally a lot more subtle and lighter so its more suited for my skin tone. The intensity of this colour is quite great in this swatch, but in order to intensify the colour you need to use a great deal of product.

Curvy Candy
 This is probably the safest shade, suitable for both during the day and in the evening paired with a dramatic smokey eye. This would be my go-to shade purely because its so simple.

 Oversized Orange
 This colour is probably the most disappointing, because from the colour it indicates to be on the stick is completely different. It's more of a subtle coral than a bright orange, which is easier to wear but once again, deceiving. This will probably be the colour I wear least, purely because it's not much different to my natural shade and to be honest, it's nothing too special.

Super Strawberry 
 A gorgeously bright pink that isn't too different from 'Chunky Cherry'. When swatching it on my forearm, I was quite disappointed that it didn't really coincide with being named 'Super Strawberry.' Genuinely a gorgeous colour, but once again completely different.

The stick is certainly moisturising, but sometimes I found that it look a while to build up colour due to its consistency. However, once layering on a few shades, I found the overall finish perfect for someone who isn't drawn to wearing lipsticks. The colours are not as intense as I believe they claim to be in advertisements, but for someone who enjoys a hint of colour to compliment an outfit this set is perfect. £30 is an absolute bargain for five shades, with the formula being long-lasting and incredibly moisturising whilst doubling as a lip colour.

The number of Moisturising Chubby Sticks currently stands at 16, meaning that this stick will secure over a quarter of the shades available - a great starter kit for anyone who's itching to jump on the Chubby Stick bandwagon! However, your options are limitless as layering different shades is encouraged to create your own unique colour. Along with this, Clinique have also released a range of more intense shades if you find that these are just not enough for you!

Overall i'm impressed with the quality of the sticks, and am eager to be more adventurous with my colour choices. Be sure to watch this space, i'm sure this isn't the last review you see on these products!

You can purchase the set for £30 at selected retailers including Selfridges, and full-sized Chubby Sticks for £16 each at your local Clinique counter or online here.


  1. Richer Raisin look so fresh, not too red and pink, love it~
    Curvy Candy suitable to people w/ light skin i guess,, look really natural on you.

    1. I'm glad you like the colours, thank you very much :) x