Monday, 25 February 2013

My Perfume Collection

I've always found perfumes extremely difficult to review because I believe that perfume is extremely individual and smells totally different on everyone, but I really wanted to do a general overview of my staple fragrances that I simply cannot live without. I'm a real girly girl, so most of my fragrances are very fruity and feminine. Obviously this isn't my entire collection (I have two glossyboxes full of both full-sized and travel bottles of various fragrances!), but its certainly my most used. I really believe that looking at a persons perfume collection can really tell you a lot about them, so here's mine:

 Clockwise from left:

(1) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle* - From £46 for 35ml
 This will always be my favourite perfume regardless of how many I buy, purely because it was the perfume that made me want to start an actual collection. With hints of floral jasmine, this perfume combines the luxuriousness and sensuality that Chanel incorporates in all of their perfumes, but with a playful and feminine twist, making it perfect for the younger woman. I've always wanted to own Chanel No5, but i've found that it's a little too 'old' for me, making this a perfect alternative for my age and personality.
(2) Florabotanica by Balenciaga* - From £53 for 50ml
 With base notes of amber and accords of mint, carnation and hybrid rose, Florabotanica is a vibrant floral scent that I like to wear on early mornings to wake me up! It may seem quite a strong scent for some, but i've found just two spritzes is enough to last the whole day.

(3) Ghost Enchanted Bloom - From £23.50 for 30ml
Every girl needs a Ghost perfume, and this one has quickly become one of my favourites, closely followed by Ghost Sweetheart. As the name suggests it's extremely floral with top notes of voilet leaf and cranberry, following by scents such caviar peach, musk and freesia that combine to make an extremely romantic scent that I like to wear on informal evenings out. It's one of my least expensive perfumes but the scent definitely holds its own amongst the rest.  

(4) Christina Aguilera - From £29.50 for 50ml
Sometimes you just can't beat an original! The singers debut fragrance has been one of my staple fragrances for years, so much so that whenever I wear it I feel instantly transported to my senior school days, where I felt really mature and grown up to own a perfume in such a gorgeous bottle covered in lace! With top notes of peach and blackcurrent to maintain that feminine feel, mixed with base notes of musk, vanilla and sandlewood - this is a perfect combination of fun and sexy that I love to wear on a day-to-day basis.  

(5) Burberry Body - From £45 for 35ml
This is one of my more recent fragrances, but has quickly become one of my favourites so it will soon need replacing! Effortlessly elegant with an eclectic mixture of vanilla, amber, cashmeran and sandlewood, it's a feminine fragrance with an earthy undertone that oozes elegance and sophistication, like the brand itself. 

(6) Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf - From £55 for 50ml
Oh, how I love this perfume! I could literally talk about it all day. I discovered it by simply walking past my flatmates bedroom and having to do a double-take as smelling it actually stopped me in my tracks. It's quite decieving, as it actually smells more like a sweet-shop than a bouquet of flowers. It smells like marshmallows, with a hint of jasmine and freesia (although you can't really smell these very much!). It's probably the sweetest perfume I own, but its extremely playful and can be worn for both day and night - it's currently my most worn our of the entire collection.

(7) Curious by Britney Spears* - From £22.99 for 100ml
It could be argued that i'm a little too old to be wearing this perfume, but this could be because this was one of the first perfumes I bought for myself when I was in my early teens (That, and it's actually described as 'Youthful'). With a mixture of lotus flower, golden anju pear and my all-time favourite vanilla-infused musk, its very vibrant and certainly original. It reflects the big kid in me, so I wear it whenever i'm needing a little reminder that i'm a bit too young to start acting my age! 

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  1. Gorgeous perfume choices. I love the Britney perfumes!

    Sophierosehearts x