Monday, 11 February 2013

What's In Your Pocket? Blogger Challenge

I was recently approached by Money Supermarket to be a part of a really great project, that aims to celebrate 'life's little wins'. 'What's in your pocket?' began with hidden cameras capturing people's reactions when they discovered £20 in their dry cleaning pocket. Money Supermarket have taken this one step further and given £20 to a collection of bloggers to experience the thrill of finding money, and share how you've used the money and whether its given you or someone you know that feel-good feeling.

Being a university student and swiftly heading towards third year, sometimes you just need a little break. During my first year I never really went out, I allowed my work-load to consume me and spent my free time couped up in my bedroom on the phone to my friends or parents either moaning or having a breakdown over whether I thought I was good enough. 
Recent events have enabled me to realise that the key to handling stress is to allow yourself time to forget about it all.


  Therefore, with my £20 I put it towards a really great night out with one of my close friends from my course. We both get stressed and worry easily, so it was nice to get out of that environment and enjoy a relaxing night with amazing food and conversation that didn't revolve around our ever-mounting workload. I really liked being able to pay for the majority of the meal (It came to £28, so there was a little left over to pay!), as being students we're not exactly made of money!

Sometimes when you have a long list of to-do's it can be hard to imagine that you would have time to have nights off. But the time you spend worrying could be time spent curing yourself of that worry, as after this evening I found that I was ready to continue with my work after allowing myself to breathe for a little while. 

Overall I really enjoyed this challenge (although it was more of an award!), and encourage everyone to save a little of money every week to give yourself a night off, whether it be to go out for a meal or renting a DVD with a friend - your health and well-being will thank you for it.

If you want to take a look at the original 'What's In Your Pocket?' video, click here.

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