Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Body Shop's Vanilla Duo Body Butter

If anyone has met me in person (Or follows me on instagram: @sophieelaine), they will tell you that I love vanilla more than anything. My room constantly smells of either vanilla ambi-pur or an assortment of vanilla candles. Along with a body spray, body lotion and solid perfume, it just seemed silly not to have a body butter thrown in for good measure!

This vanilla body butter is just one of the four twin-pot moisturisers that have graced the shelves of The Body Shop, providing two types of moisturisers to target certain areas and enable you to moisturise your entire body without having to purchase another product.

One side is a light cream suitable for all-over moisturising in areas that are only in need of light moisturisation, and on the other is a much thicker cream suitable for areas with particularly dry skin such as knees and elbows. Both enriched with the indulgent scent of vanilla, ingredients include cocoa butter and babassu oil. I applied these products after showering, and found that the lighter cream was actually more hydrating than the thicker one. I found the thicker cream really hard to apply, and even harder to sink in and I found myself applying the lighter cream over the top as I felt it was so thick it was just simply sitting on the skin. However, when I have a spare hour I like to apply the thicker cream onto areas such as knees, elbows and feet and just leave it to sink in for a few hours, but this cream is not for those who are in a hurry.

Overall, for £13 this is a product that covers all the bases when it comes to dry skin. Although I found I still needed to use a tiny bit of the lighter cream to ensure total moisturisation, between the two creams I can safely keep my skin hydrated and leave myself smelling like an old-fashioned sweet shop - what more could anyone want?

You can purchase The Body Shop's Body Butter Duo's for £13 each at your local store.

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