Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Benefit's 'How To Look The Best At Everything'

This is just going to be a quick one, as its been sat in my 'To review' folder for a while now and I just really want to get it out there! Although I love buying individual products and creating my own makeup 'style', the inner lazy girl in me cannot resist a complete kit of essentials and an idiot-proof instruction manual to go with it. How To Look The Best At Everything* is one of the newest beauty kits from Benefit, and contains everything you need to maintain a flawless complexion.

Packaged as an old-fashioned how-to book, the kit comes in three different shades - light, medium and dark. I was given the medium, therefore some of the shades are a tad too dark, so i'm not going to an in-depth review on the products themselves - just a general overview:

The kit contains the following products:
  •  The POREfessional - Primer
  • Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow - Liquid Foundation
  • Boi-ing x2 (A lighter and then slightly darker shade) - Concealer
  • "Hello Flawless!" - Powder
This is such a great little kit, containing both full-sized and travel products. As i've said before, I really enjoy being basically spoon-fed products that guarantee results (Not too much to ask, right?), and this collection of products is everything you need. I wear POREfessional practically every day, even when i'm not wearing makeup at all. I love that Boi-ing is described as 'industrial strength' concealer, as it easily conceals under-eye shadows or any blemishes with ease without creasing. I enjoy the light coverage of the liquid foundation, and the complimenting powder really does make your skin look flawless and healthy. The only fault I have with this kit is the quality of the powder brush as I have found it doesn't distribute powder very evenly and I find that because it's flat its very fiddly to use. However, due to size constraints, it's understandable and overall a really handy kit .

Be sure to get matched for your individual Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow shade, as each of these kits comes with one specific shade (The foundation actually comes in 9 shades!), and I would hate for you to be disappointed. For £24.50 you can get your hands on four of Benefit's most popular products, achieving a flawless complexion with ease, using the 'Tips and Tricks' fold-out instruction booklet on the inside of the box. Enjoy!

You can purchase 'How To Look The Best At Everything' at your local Benefit counter for £24.50, or online here.


  1. i really would love to try a benefit set like this, hehe! i'm the same i quite like been spoon fed products that are guranteed results!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  2. I really need to try this kit! Great post!

    - Andrea Marie xx