Sunday, 19 August 2012

Review: Loreal Everpure Reinforce Intense Mask

Ever since being introduced with the Aussie 3-Minute-Miracle reconstructor, i've been such a big fan of intense hair masks. I love the idea of leaving it on for a period of time for it to work its magic through your hair, leaving it in the best condition it can be - a lot more thorough than simple wash- in wash-out products.

This Reinforcing Intense Mask is part of the new Everpure range from Loreal, which features a 'No sulphate colour care system'  - with sulphate being a key component in stripping hair of its colour. It's aimed specifically at coloured & dry hair, and although my hair isn't dry I love to give my hair the most moisture as possible. Its focus is to reinforce the strength and quality of hair that is over processed through frequent colouring. The shampoo from this range is now permanantly part of my shower routine, so I was excited to try this!

*Sorry about the shadow-y picture!*

 The mask contains botanical oils rosemary and mint, which was slightly off-putting as I don't really like the inclusion of mint in anything other than chewing gum! However, the fragrance is not overpowering as the rosemary balances out the strength of the mint - it's really refreshing! 

It is advised to use after shampooing (The accompanying shampoo is recommended, but it's not necessary!), spreading a walnut-sized amount carefully through the hair and leaving for 3-5 minutes. To further intensify the product, wrap your hair up in a hot towel after application for 5 minutes.

The first thing I noticed after drying my hair was the fragrance, reminding of how hair smells and feels after leaving a professional salon. My hair felt gorgeously smooth, strong and healthy - much like other hair masks, but the difference with this product is that it also protects coloured hair so I don't have to be worried that it will dull my hair with regular application. The product comes in a generous 200ml pot, meaning that the £6.99 price tag is quite reasonable. I have naturally fine hair that gets greasy easily, so I was worried that the thickness of the product will be too heavy on it - but that wasn't the case, my hair felt just the right consistency. 

Overall, I would recommend this for anyone who has coloured hair - red in a particular, as it requires the most upkeep. It gives my hair the nutrition it needs to be able to cope with the products I use on a regular basis. I currently use this once a week, and wouldn't recommend using it more than twice due to its thickness and intensity. I've found that this range in general be the most suitable for my hair type, and i'm actually looking forward to when I use this mask again!

You can purchase Loreal Paris EverPure Reinforce Intense Mask for £6.99 at your local pharmacy, Boots or Superdrug, along with the rest of the Loreal Paris Ever range. 

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