Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review: Look Make Me Blush in 'Flirt'

When i'm on the hunt for a new product to try, it seems that lately I instantly reach for a blush. I don't know whether it's the easy application, gorgeous colours or just the fact that you can achieve a gorgeous glow so easily with a simple sweep of product! I don't know, but what I do know is a girl can never have too many blushes. So here is a review of my latest addition.

We all know LOOK as a magazine that specialises in fashion and shopping, but they have recently decided to dip their toes in the beauty pool and release a highstreet make up range, sold exclusively to Superdrug. This range has been around for a while now, but the products are not sold in every Superdrug store, so this was all very new to me when I saw a few blogs reviewing their products.

The Make Me Blush blush range consists of 5 shades, varying from nude to bubblegum pink, and is packaged in large pan with a mirror on the inside of the lid. Out of all of my blushes, i've found that this one is the most value for money, purely because of the amount of product you get for the reasonable price of £8. On the LOOK Beauty website, it mentions building up the colour to obtain your chosen intensity - "From a healthy glow to a super-sexy flush", but I had no idea just how strong the colour was. I chose 'Flirt' - a coral with slight undertones of pink so I could give my pale skin a warm glow in the summer months.

When I opened the compact, I thought they had sent me the wrong shade entirely. It's overwhelmingly bright - almost identical to the skin of an orange. I was hestitant to try it out, as I think one of the worst beauty sins a person can commit is when their blush looks plastered on instead of blended (It's supposed to look like a natural glow, not a streak of costume makeup!).

Much like Benefits 'Hoola' bronzer, I literally needed two of the tiniest taps of the brush, then went onto tap off the excess (And there actually was some, even though the taps were so tiny!) - any more and the colour was too strong! Once applied i'll admit that it gave my cheeks a really gorgeous healthy glow, but it needed to be heavily blended as even then I still found it to be quite strong. I would think that these shades from the LOOK Beauty  range would be suitable for people with either darker or just warmer skintone, in my opinion the colour is just too strong for someone with fair skin. 

Overall I am a fan of this product and I will continue using, but probably won't be purchasing again. I'm not the biggest fan of having to be really cautious with the amount of product that I use, I tend to get into a bit of a daze when I apply my makeup and I would hate to have to start all over again if I accidently made half of my face resemble a clowns. For £8 you most difinitely get your monies worth, by only needing four tiny taps onto a brush in total, it will probably take me weeks before I even make the slightest dent in the pan! Obviously everyones opinions on the amount of blush they use is different, and there is clearly an opportunity to build on the colour for a stronger look - it's just not neccessary for me. I think i'll be sticking to the lighter colours in future that you can swirl your brush in as many times without achieving that 'plastered-on' look - they're a lot less hassle!

You can purchase the entire LOOK Beauty range at selected Superdrug stores or online here.

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  1. Pretty colour!

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  2. I have yet to try this blusher, but I have the other 3 shades (pinch, flush and rosy) and they are great on pale skin!