Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Review: Alison Claire Remarkable: Lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion + Lemongrass Shower Gel

I love being introduced to new brands, especially all-natural ones! There was a time where I refused to use anything unless it was all natural, and now I am ashamed to say that I have relaxed that rule as i've became more interested in beauty products. However, I am always on the look out for innovative brands that are able to deliver excellent results with their all-natural products, enabling me to get back to being even more eco-friendly than I already am.

Alison Claire Remarkable is a bio-natural skincare company, that have developed products targetted at sensitive skin using irritant free and hypoallergenic ingredients. There is no reason for having harsh chemicals in beauty products, and Alison Claire have recognised this, creating a brand that prides itself in being all natural.

The Lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion* and Lemongrass Shower Gel* are just two of the body essentials that Alison Claire have released. I already have an overflowing drawer of body lotions and gels (Many of which are full of harsh chemicals therefore they sit and gather dust at the bottom!), but these two went straight to the top of my 'To Try' list.

Lavender and chamomile have to be two of my favourite ingredients in skincare products (Bath products especially!) as they have such a soothing fragrance that takes me back to when my younger sister was a baby and I used to sit in the bathroom and go through all of her baby bath products, smelling them and trying them out. I also suffer from extremely senstive skin on my legs, so anything to calm the constant irritation is great for me. I found that the product wasn't quite as thick as other lotions, meaning that it was easy to cover my body and absorbed quickly. It left my skin feeling lovely and soft, but no softer than any other lotion i've tried. However, the scent that went along with it is what makes this product so great in my books, very indulgent as well as the ingredients being rich in antioxidents to protect your skin against irritation. You can purchase the Lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion here.

Lemongrass is not an ingredient that has caught my eye in the past, however I always welcome citrus-y products in the morning to give me that much-needed boost. I found that this  product lathered quite well, and left a slight fragrance on my skin that wasnt too overpowering. It also had a quite spicy undertone to it due to the inclusion of witch hazel and white willow bark, which made the product stand out against the other citrus-y shower products I own, as it really compiments the 'all-natural' element to the product.  You can purchase the Lemongrass Shower Gel here.

I had a lot of fun trying out these products, purely because I didn't feel that familiar twinge of guilt when I use soimething that isn't as environmentally friendly as it could be. I'm definitely interested in purchasing more from the Alison Claire range (I have my eye on the Vanilla and Coconut Shampoo next!) as being able to endulge in quality skincare without the guilt is something we should all enjoy doing! The only downside is that practically each product is priced at £12, which could be considered quite steep for a shampoo or hand cream. However, if you don't mind paying that little bit extra for something that's all-natural and most probably better for you than what you're using, i'd definitely recommend it!

You can purchase Alison Claire skincare from their website here.

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