Thursday, 12 January 2012

Leopard Print French Tips + Uni Update!

Hi all :) Hope everyone's having fun settling back in to uni or their normal routine after the Christmas break! I've had a fair few days of stress and hard work, balancing University work with working basically full-time. Today I had to do a presentation and hand in a huge portfolio, and I am so exhausted. We've also put down the booking fee for a really nice 9 bedroom house, but once that's been sorted i'll go into more detail.

I thought i'd show you all my new leopard print nails that I got done yesterday :) I went to a place called Nails 2 Nails in my city centre, and spent £25 getting acrylics and choosing whatever pattern I want! I chose french tips because they're simple and classy, but couldn't resist having some leopard spots over the top! The whole process took 30 minutes, which was insanely quick! I now know that i'd be able to go get my nails done on my lunch break without being worried about being pushed for time :)

Next time I get infills I fancy another pattern, any ideas?

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