Monday, 2 January 2012

My Newest Pandora Charm

Happy new year guys!!

Hope everyone had amazing holidays and got everything they wished for! Just thought i'd show you all my christmas present to myself, as i've been working so hard lately :)

I love Pandora. It started becoming quite popular where i'm from in around 2010 when a shop opened up in Southampton, but I know it was known before that. Inside the shop there are hundreds of charms lined in trays that you can pick up and try on with various bracelets. I got my sterling silver bracelet as a bridesmaids present, but they range from about £50-£75 depending on whether you buy silver or other kinds, such as the leather or 'friendship bracelet' type.

I was originally going to save the charms for special occasions. For example, my dad bought me a little silver stack of books charm for when I passed my A-Levels, and my best friend bought me a 'Love Hope and Faith' one for when I was going off to University. But to be honest, I can't wait for special occasions like birthdays etc. because they're too far apart! So I thought i'd take it upon myself to add to my collection.

My newest charm is part of the many coloured class charms that come in several colours and various patterns within it. It cost £35 (Pandora didn't have a January sale - Annoying!) and is gorgeous purple and pink .. purple being my favourite colour!

I recommend you take a look at the Pandora website here - They have a virtual bracelet builder where you can create your own unique bracelet and then purchase it. It's so much fun!
So that was my christmas present to myself in 2011, what was yours? Because obviously we all deserve it ;)

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