Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Benefit's 'Glitz Glam and Gloss' Lipgloss Swatches!

Hi guys! Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I've been working alot and doing uni work in-between shifts and on my days off. But here's one of my favourite Christmas presents.. The limited edition Benefit 'Glitz Glam and Gloss' Lipgloss set! I've checked online, and Benefit currently are not stocking it, but places like ASOS and various shops on Ebay still do :)
95% of my makeup is Benefit. I cannot praise it enough! The packaging, the quality, the scent .. I shop at my local Benefit counter so often that the sales assistants actually know my name (Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing!)!
So here they are:

The set consists of six double ended double ended tubes, each with two complimentary lipgloss shades that you can either wear alone or together. The glosses each have gorgeous pigmentation.. they're so shimmery and definitely draw me in. The set includes the following shades:

  • Friends in high places - Sparkling Raspberry
  • Kiss you - Clear fuchsia
  • Almost famous - Copper penny
  • Zone out - Golden nude
  • I'm with the band - Golden pink shimmer
  • Fresh-squeezed - Pink Grapefruit

I have to say that out of these two shades, 'Kiss You' is defintely my least favourite. I can imagine for someone with a darker skin tone than mine would really like it, but I love more pastel colours. 'Friends in high places' is a shade that I would wear either going out or possibly even at a semi-formal event such as a meal at a restaurant or something, as it is a nice transitional shade that you could get away with wearing both during the day and whilst out on a night out.

'I'm with the band' is the shade that I have worn most since i've had this set. It's the most subtle but yet still has a slight shimmer which adds a little something extra to my day-to-day makeup. When I go out i'll mix it with the slightly darker 'Fresh Squeezed'.

These two shades are sort of a question mark for me, because I really wouldn't choose them for myself. I would definetly go for 'Zone out', because you can never go wrong with nude, and on my lips it is quite transparent so it goes nice if you want to be in the middle of a coloured and clear gloss. However, i'm not a fan of the 'Almost Famous'. It looks gorgeous in the tube but i'm yet to find a make-up look that compliments that colour on my skin - Being so pale is irritating!

At least one of these tubes have been in my bag everyday since Christmas day, and once i've finished with this set i'm tempted to try Benefit's 'All You Need Is Gloss' set (Which also includes 'I'm with the band' and 'Almost famous'!). We'll have to see :)

This set retails between £12.50-£19.50 depending on the shop, which I think is excellent value for the diverse range of colours you get. And they all come in a slim box with a sliding outside cover, which is nothing short of gorgeous.


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