Sunday, 29 January 2012

Benefit's 'Hervana' Blush Has Landed!

Hope you've all had a great week and are enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday (I however, have to work!). I've had a busy first week back at uni. I've been made Sub-Editor of Features at my university newspaper and have started new units, with one being about how to 'blog like a pro' so hopefully this blog will see some improvements in the near future.

I've had my eye on this blush ever since I saw the video pop-up on Benefit website. I'd read on various forums that it would be on sale nationwide from yesterday, so I knew I had to get my hands on it right away! However, when I went to my local Benefit counter they said they'd been a bit naughty and had been selling it from Monday as they got the stock in early .. So I could have done an exclusive review!

So here it is in all it's gorgeous glory:

This is by far the most attractive packaging on a blush - if not the entire Benefit make-up collection - that i've seen! The pastel pinks and angelic clouds compliment the name 'Hervana' (A combination of 'Her' and 'Nirvana'). This is the ultimate girly make-up product: It's compact, subtle and pretty. There is also the same amount of blush in the box as any other Benefit blush; the packaging has just decreased in size - perfect to squeeze into my bulging make-up bag!
I'm loving the new packaging as it opens to reveal a small mirror for applying on the go, and you don't have to lift the lid off the blush like you do with most of Benefit's blushes:

What's great about this blush is the amount of different colours that are used to make the satin-y pink colour. Benefit has compiled four complimentary shades that are mixed together when you use the uniquely shaped brush to swirl around the palette:

Lucky Shell, Devine Peach, Heavenly Rose and Berry Delight - all mixed together make Benefit's 'Good karma face powder'.

I found this product pretty hard to swatch unless it's swatched heavily, which I didn't want to do because realistically it's a subtle pink powder that you're only supposed to apply spearingly to your cheeks, so here is the colour on the brush:

As you can see the end result is pink with a hint of peach, which is perfect for adding a flush of colour to your cheeks. It's perfect for day wear and adds a glow without looking too orange.
I was also told by the shop assistant who sold it to me that the individual shades can be used as eyeshadow's aswell, so there's four more colours to add to my collection! This has definately overtaken my previous day-wear Blush 'Dandelion' (Also by Benefit!). I'd recommend purchasing ASAP, it's already selling out fast!

Use the curved brush to blend together the four shades and sweep over your cheekbones. The best way to apply to the apples of your cheeks is to smile whilst applying :)

Benefit's Hervana retails at £23.50 and can be bought online here or at your local Benefit counter.

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