Thursday, 24 January 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

The first step to a flawless face of makeup is a great base. I absolutely love wearing liquid foundation and concealer has become quite a good friend to me recently, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Core Collection brush set from Real Techniques*.

Made up of four brushes specifically designed to achieve a beautiful base, this collection has become a cult favourite amongst beauty bloggers. With luxuriously soft taklon bristles and a light aluminum body, each brush is full-sized and come in a travel case that doubles as a stand. Each brush has its name printed on the side for easy recognition, and what I find particularly satisfying is that the bristles used are 100% cruelty-free.
Although I am now well educated in the art of makeup application, I do enjoy the ease of being given a kit with everything you will need to achieve a particular look. No fuss, no "oh, I forgot this brush!", which is perfect when I don't have a lot of time to be searching around for the right brush in the morning. Here's a bit more explanation about what brushes feature in the 'Core Collection' kit:

1. Contour brush. This is the brush that I have used the least out of the four, not because it's of bad quality, but mostly because I don't do a lot of contouring. However, i'm not a big fan of the shape as I prefer the ease of angled brushes. However, the softness of the bristles and the roundness (I wish there was a better way of describing!) makes it extremely easy to blend.
2. Powder/Buffing brush. This brush helps achieve amazingly even coverage. The width of the brush fits onto my powder compact perfectly, meaning that I simply have to tap the flat end of the brush lightly into the powder, and the bristles retain plenty of product and distribute it evenly.
3. Foundation brush. I was hesitant about using this brush at first as it was so small, but I seriously underestimated it. It distributes an incredible amount of product - a single dab is enough to cover at least a third of my face. The high-quality bristles ensure that no product is lost by getting clogged up in the brush, and the pointed end of the brush enables it to double as a concealer brush for delicate areas, such as underneath the eyes.
4. Concealer brush. This is a great little brush for covering spots and blemishes, although it is extremely tiny. I use this to conceal any redness on the nose and chin, along with applying plenty of concealer under my eyes. I would say its not the greatest brush to conceal dark circles purely because of the size, but it certainly can do the job.

Overall, the quality of this brush set is fantastic, along with each being light in weight and at an incredible price of £21.99. Each brush averages at around £10-£12, and as these brushes are full-sized you get an amazing saving - which is always a bonus!
This set is great for beginners, and the Core Collection official website has an easy-to-follow tutorial showing you how to use each brush correctly. I'm extremely impressed, and these are now my everyday brushes. Achieving a great base has never been easier!

You can purchase the Real Techniques Core Collection brush set for £21.99 at your local Boots or online here.

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  1. The Powder/Buffing brush sounds great! I keep meaning to give these brushes a go, but always seem to forget to pick them up xo