Saturday, 6 October 2012

Paul Mitchell 'Pink Is My Colour' Collection

Paul Mitchell are a professional haircare company with a fleet of professional yet affordable products for practically any hair type. Whether you want to put the bounce back into your curls or tame unruly frizz, Paul Mitchell will have something for you. However, this haircare giant goes far beyond simply producing new products...

Pink Is My Colour is a collaboration with the American Cancer Society, featuring limited edition items, including brushes that bare inspirational words that embody the courage of cancer survivors. The collection* also included products from the Strength collection, which aims to strenghten the hair by up to 50%. I love the idea of raising awareness of such an important issue through haircare products; it allows a wider range of people to be reached. So here's some quick reviews on the contents of the collection:

Super Strong Daily Shampoo & Conditioner- £11.50 & £14.25
 I'm always on the lookout for new treatments, and the strengthening shampoo and conditioner is an excellent new addition to my hair treatment collection. The fragrance isn't exactly individual, it smells like a quality product (That sounds wierd but that's the only way I can describe it!) but isn't as distinguished as others. I found after application my hair felt thicker and glossier, and I believe with continued use it would continue to improve my colour-damaged hair.

Super Strong Liquid Treatment - £16.50
This hair treatment helps banish split ends and uses silicones to protect the surface of the hair, reducing the risk of splitting in the future. It's lightweight but has really big results! You only need a few light sprays and your hair already feels stronger and thicker. It's basically a leave-in conditioner, so I like to use it before I comb through my hair - it stops the creation of split ends (Although this will also help to fix them straight after!).

 Super Skinny Serum - £16.75
This serum is a treatment that smooths and conditions wet hair, reducing drying time and styling. It's obviously not as effective as my treasured Moroccan Oil, but this lightweight serum seals ends and leaves your hair smooth and frizz-free. It's great as an after-shower hair treatment, it does the job but it isn't life-changing - it's not the best, but definitely not the worst i've found.

And to top of the kit, it includes a large paddle brush (£10.50), and a smaller brush (£9.50) that's an appropriate size for your handbag. Although i'm not a big fan of the graffiti print (I love the idea of inspirational words, but i've found it's a little too childish for me in design) i've found the brushes, especially the paddle brush are of really great quality.

Overall i'm impressed with the quality of the products - delivering exactly what it says on the tin, my hair is quite fine and none of the products made my hair feel too heavy or greasy. Like I said, I think its amazing that people are raising awareness of cancer and celebrating the strength of both the sufferers and survivors.

You can buy the products in the Paul Mitchell Pink Is My Colour and Super Strong range from professional salons nationwide - to find your nearest salon click here.

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  1. The idea behind these are amazing, so good they are raising awareness!

    Sophierosehearts x