Monday, 22 October 2012

Lush's Fair Trade Foot Lotion

I don't think we quite appreciate how much work our feet do. Whether it's running barefoot around the house (Or even walking barefoot down the street after a night out!), going on a hike or just standing behind a till for 9 hours - our feet are baring the brunt of it all. So I think we can all agree that our feet deserve a bit of TLC, and what better than way than treating your toes to an intensely soothing, peppermint foot lotion.

I've been a bit of a Lush kick recently, so this iconic company need no introduction. However, this product certainly does. This lotion is 20-years in the making, and features only the finest in fair trade cocoa butter from Conacado - a group of small-scale farmers, so you can be sure that your feet are being taken care of by farmers that are receiving fair pay for their goods! Everybody wins!

This lotion is packed full of cooling and soothing ingredients such a peppermint oil and spearmint, along with almond oil to prevent cracks in the skin and amica to aid swelling and bruising - this tub is full to the brim with everything you need for gorgeous feet. The recycled tub comes in a generous 225g tub, so there's no need to skimp on product during application!

How amazing does that look?! It has the resemblance of pink icing, and the consistency of it too! It's thick as it's designed to take time to sink in, which is why application before bed is the best way to ensure your feet get the most out of this lotion. It smells like polo's, which I absolutely love, and during application the peppermint and spearmint instantly cooled my feet and I felt relaxed straight away. The only fault I had with the product was that because it took so long to absorb it was difficult to judge how much product to use and I found that I couldn't leave my bed after application as it would rub off the soles of my feet as I walked across the floor! However, the results most definitely outweigh the faults. When I woke up, my feet felt smooth and refreshed and I could smell how clean and refreshed they were as soon as I opened my eyes! I put this product to the test after a tiring news day at University where I was constantly running around for about 6 hours - and this product could not have delivered better results! My feet no longer ached, and it even managed to soften parts of my feet that i'd never been able to before (Too much information, I am aware!). It retails at £8.95, which is a reasonable price for the amount given and the results it achieves.

To apply, smooth a generous amount onto clean feet and rub in as best you can. For a more indulgent experience, apply a thick layer before bed and then put on a pair of socks. In the morning, wash off the remaining lotion (And stick the socks in the wash!) and voila - perfectly pampered feet!
If your on your feet and find yourself struggling to walk at the end of the day, you need to get yourself a tub of this magic lotion - trust me, your feet will thank you for it.

You can purchase Fair Trade Foot Lotion from your local Lush store or online here.

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