Monday, 15 October 2012

Lush's Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion

I've never been much of a bath person. Baths are for people that actually have time. I'm most definitely a shower person - get in, get clean, get out. No fuss! This means that I tend to have showers to quickly wake me up in the morning, and I tend to be in a mad rush after i'm finished as I prefer to spend an extra few minutes in bed than a few minutes relaxing after my shower. Therefore, I usually skip the whole moisturising process after my showers. And that is a BIG no-no.

You can use whatever you like in the shower, it could be the most indulgent and moisturing product in the world, but what about after you've scrubbed your skin dry with a towel, pulled on your jeans and gone out in the cold for the day? Your skin is simply not protected, and in my case, dry and malnourished by the end of the day. So I went on the hunt for a body lotion that will easily absorb - so I could simply slap it on and go about my business, not wasting any time waiting for the sticky residue to absorb before I attempt to put on clothes. And this is what I found:

Vanilla Dee-Light is one of Lush's oldest products. I must admit, being an avid Lush follower it took me a while to notice this product as it is a regular it regularly gets outshone by the more 'flashy' of body products. With a combination of real vanilla pod, fruity kiwi and coconut water, this lotion is perfect for giving your skin a quick softness boost. A thick consistency is a key component in slow absorpsion, so it's great that this lotion isn't too thick nor too thin, a perfect balance so that the application is still as luxurious as indulging in a richer, thicker moisturising cream. I could literally smooth it onto my skin and it would be absorbed in next to no time at all.

The scent is definitely the best part. It takes me back from when I first walked past Lush and smelt the mixture of all the products Lush had to offer. It has that generic Lush smell, which I loveeeee. Overall it is the perfect non-greasy, quick-absorbing moisturiser. Easy to distribute in a recycled plastic squeezy bottle, and a little really does go a long way so this generous 250g bottle will last a long time - Amazing value for £11.95. This will definitely not disappoint, but if you're not yet convinced pop into your local Lush store and ask for a sample - you'll be back for the full-sized bottle in no time, though!

You can purchase Vanilla Dee-Lite from your local Lush store or online here from their official website. 

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