Friday, 12 October 2012

Lush's 'Vanillary' Gorilla Perfume

What you will notice within the next week or so, is that i'm having a bit of an obsession with vanilla - and this was the product that started it all!

I'd always seen Gorilla Perfumes by the counter at my local Lush, but they were just something i'd never thought i'd try. It was only until I ended up taking one of my ultra-expensive perfume bottles to work in my bag with me and I spent the whole train ride terrified that it would smash, that I knew I needed a practical alternative.

Gorilla Perfumes are the brainchild of Simon and Mark Constantine - perfumers dedicated to producing quality perfumes that go against mainstream fragrances. The 13 featured fragrances are a combination of completely unique scents, and perfumes that are created to accompany the scent of another Lush product e.g.: A bath ballistic or a massage bar. Vanillary is the accompanying scent of the Vanilla Foundation bath ballistic (Which was created after a few Lush employees visited the amazing Heston Blumenthal's restaurant and became inspired by one of his dishes!) and is one of Lush's best selling perfumes.

Described as a "Warm, cosy hug", the perfume contains main notes of real vanilla and jasmine, along with the caramel-like scent of tonka bean. The solid perfume is a simple push-up stick with a screw-top lid making it perfect for a perfume on the go. It's compact and in a plastic casing so instantly fulfills the 'glass perfume bottle' dilemma I was having. What's amazing about this perfume is that, once applied, you smell as though you've just stepped out of a kitchen after cooking. It's sweet and warm with a hint of seductive jasmine - a perfect, comforting winter scent.

To apply, you simply rub the stick onto the areas (I use it on my neck and wrists, but you can use it on the backs of the knees and even the ankles!) and the product simply melts on. I must admit it is ever-so-slightly sticky straight after applying, but nothing that would stop you from using the product. Like I said, the perfume uses real vanilla pod, so you don't need a lot of the product to ensure your covered all day long. Best of all is the price - this little beauty can be yours for just £6.50. You can also buy any of the solid perfumes in spritzer (£12 for 10ml) or atomiser (£25 for 30ml) form, but this is perfect to keep in your bag for when your rushing out the door and forget to spritz. This now has a permanant place in my university handbag, and i'll definitely be visiting Lush soon to purchase more scents so I can have one in every handbag I own! 

Vanillary and other Gorilla Perfumes are available from your local Lush store, or view the full range online here.


  1. This sounds like such a lovely product! I love vanilla scents. xo

  2. I loved the idea of these solid perfumes and was so set on getting the 'lust' smell, but when I got to the store, quite a few of them smelt really odd!! I ended up getting 'breath of god' and really regretted it because they smell different on every skin tone. Safe to say 'breath of god' did NOT suit mine!!! Try before you buy!!!