Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review: Benefit's 'Watt's Up!' Highlighter

In my opinion, using a highlighter is an essential part of makeup application. They're discreet and understated, but accentuate and essentially highlight your best features in the dimmest of lights.

I've only got two highlighters that I use on a regular basis, as I've found them so perfect that I haven't felt the need to purchase anymore. One being the 'Orgasm' illuminator from NARS, and the second being High Beam from Benefit (And as you can see from my post here, that i'm absolutely in love with it!). Both being prominently pink (although Orgasm has peachy undertones), I was curiously to try out what Benefit describes as a highlighter with a 'delicate champagne glow'.

What you notice first of all is the obscure shape of the highlighter. Unlike other Benefit highlighters, Watt's Up! comes as a stick which is designed for easy application with one hand whether you're applying your makeup for the day or topping up on the go. There's no nail polish style brushes, no dipping and wiping off the excess liquid, just a simple double ended stick. It's a designed to resemble a lightbulb (hence the name 'Watt's Up!') with one side concealing the highlighter and a transparent plastic cap revealing the 'soft glow blender'.

To use the highlighter, simply twist the black base and out it comes! As you can see, it's quite a warm colour which is perfect for spring and summer. It has a slight shimmer, and a luxurious creamy texture that looks incredible.

Here is a swatch of the highlighter un-blended. I thought it would be too dark for my skin tone, but the smooth applicator allowed me to glide the highlighter on without making it too thick, therefore leaving a subtle glow.

The sponge at the other end of the applicator is excellent. It's rounded so you can blend upwards and outwards with precision without essentially wiping it across your face.

Apply by drawing two lines resembling a C around the eye, beginning just by your eyebrow and down onto your cheekbones and blend. You can also apply to wherever the light naturally hits your face. It can be worn alone or on top of makeup. I personally love to team it with Benefits Cha-Cha Tint (review coming soon!) or any peach or coral blush, and finish with a light setting powder (I definitely mean light, having it too matte or applying too much will take away the gorgeous shine!)
It's quite steep at £24.50, but I think the outcome is worth the money. But if you're not too sure, pop into your nearest Benefit and ask them if you can try it out.

This highlighter looks great and is so easy-to-use, and is now a permanent fixture in my handbag for whenever I fancy a touch-up!

You can purchase 'Watts Up' by Benefit on their website or at your nearest Benefit boutique or concession stand.

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  1. this is a great post, been umming and ahhing over this but i think i will pop it on my xmas list :)
    Anna x